Segerstrom Center for the Arts presents Monday Night Movies

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The OC is filled with many fun filled low cost or even better, free things to do. From the beach to the farmers markets, you can find just about anything that can be an adventure. But there is a little hidden gem provided by a great organization, Movie Monday presented by the Segerstrom Center for the Arts.

For several years now The Center has been setting up an outdoor experience for the entire family. This evening happened to be a little near and dear to me, the documentary “The Buena Vista Social Club”. A look into the musical soul of Cuba.

The event is truly a cultural one first and foremost. Friends, families, and some on first dates come out in the warm Costa Mesa summer night for a picnic and a movie. A social event at its best.

At approximately 5:30pm The Center opens up the promenade area for guests to set up their little area. There is a guest assistance area sectioned off as well as the grass area to the side of the concert hall. Plenty of Center guides are around to help newcomers as there are lots of regulars who are in the know.

The Center allows guest to bring their own food and also provides the opportunity to purchase food prepared by Leatherby’s Café Rouge (part of the Patina Catering Group). I saw everything from fast food to a complete gourmet picnic that a lovely couple brought in their neatly packed basket. If your curious about the fare provided by Leatherby’s, head over to SoCal Treats to read my review of the food.

This is a social gathering so the night started with some interactive entertainment. Being we were seeing a film about Latin culture the Center had the crowd playing a large game of Loteria. It’s a bingo style game played with guests having random boards with 16 squares with pictures of the cards used. 52 cards replace the standard bingo balls to call out at random. The winners of the many games we played, as it was a very fast paced game, won t-shirts to DVD’s.

Once the sun is truly down the surrounding lights dim and the event begins. Courtesy of the Newport Beach Film Festival we were treated to a couple short films that were very good and insightful. After which the feature began. What a wonderful experience to watch this film in the open air with full surround sound and a clear night. As I said a perfect evening of fun.


There are still several Movie Monday events left for this year. It was a pleasure to come out and enjoy this amazing evening. You can get more information about the event at Till next Monday, enjoy the OC.

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