Skull and Bones’ Endgame Open Beta February 8-11

Skull and Bones

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Ubisoft has revealed the ambitious Skull and Bones’ Endgame and Postlaunch plans that will chart a thrilling course for players starting launch and beyond. From Legendary Pirate Lords and dominating World Events to growing an empire, the post-launch plan promises an exhilarating journey on the high seas.

Players will embark on a perilous journey facing Legendary Pirate Lords like Philippe La Peste and the Hubac Twins. Stirred into a feeding frenzy, players will have to strategize and defeat these new threats, each escalating in difficulty. Strategic ship load-outs and seasonal ships and gear will be key to taking them down in the showdown at the end of each season. Prepare to expand and defend your empire by looting stronger equipment and valuable resources through new world events introduced each season. Face Merchant Convoys, Elite Warships, and other predators on the high seas. Bigger challenges bring greater rewards as you navigate these dynamic and unpredictable waters.

Discover the intense endgame of Skull and Bones, where you’ll face more dangerous challenges, higher stakes, and alliances that can transform into rivalries. The transition from working with Kingpins to becoming their rivals, facing the perilous consequences of the treacherous pirate life. Seize control of The Helm, an unrivaled smuggling colossus, and build your smuggling empire. Control manufactories across the Indian Ocean, increase profits through strategic control of trade routes and invest in upgrades for your operations. On top of these, Legendary Heists and Hostile Takeovers activities also add thrilling twists to empire-building, with new end-game features introduced each season.

Engage in precarious PvP activities with high-risk, high-reward Helm Wagers and Cutthroat Cargo. Accept challenges and legendary treasure maps, which will put a literal target on your head until you reach the target outpost. Rise to the top, and solidify your reputation amongst Kingpins, earning rewards based on your leaderboard placement. Participate in free time-limited events each season, collaborate with fellow pirates, complete exclusive community events, and claim treasure troves of loot. The leaderboard resets each season with new rewards, encouraging players to continually strive for the top.

Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones’ Open Beta will be available February 8-11  with cross-play and cross-progression on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S as well as Windows PC through the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store. Players will be able to reach the Infamy Cap of Tier 6 and earn up to 5 exclusive rewards including unique ship cosmetics, emote, weapons, and Pandal Lemur pet. Carry-over will also be available, allowing players to have a head-start when the game releases on February 16.

Developed by Ubisoft Singapore in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios**, Skull and Bones is a co-op open-world pirate action RPG where you play by your own rules to become the most infamous pirate kingpin and build your smuggling empire in a perilous world.

Skull and Bones will be released on February 16, 2024 with cross-play and cross-progression on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Amazon Luna as well as Windows PC through the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store. Players can also subscribe to Ubisoft+ to get the game three days early, on February 13, 2024.

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