Star Wars Celebration Japan Ticket Annoucement!

Star Wars Celebration Japan Art

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The Force has awakened this week, as Reed Pop has announced that Star Wars Celebration Japan tickets will go on sale, Thursday, May 2nd, at 7PM EDT. The Thursday announcement comes at the heels of other breaking Star Wars reveals this past week, including the record-breaking debut of the teaser trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series, The Acolyte.

Fans also got their first look at the exclusive key art for the upcoming celebration, featuring the iconic and sinister imagery of Darth Vader against the shimmering sight of Mount Fuji.

The art piece, according to Star Wars’ official site, has been created to honor the traditional Japanese black painting style, Sumi-e. Other iconic features of the art include the use of a cherry blossom tree, as well as the national image of the Rising Sun of the Japanese flag. Mount Fuji towers in the center of the sun, rounding out the image and bringing the forces of Star Wars and Japanese culture together in a breathtaking way.

Star Wars Celebration Japan Key Art
Courtesy of Star Wars Official Site

Star Wars Celebration Japan will take place next from April 18th-20th, 2025 at Makuhari Messe. Coming off the most recent event in Europe this past year, Celebration will be the home of all things Star Wars and Lucasfilm.

Though, fans may also get a preview of things to come as we get closer to Star Wars month in May, as well as the upcoming D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event later this year. We will be sure to keep you informed and can’t wait to celebrate Star Wars Celebration Japan next spring!

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