Step Back in Time with Warner Bros. and TCM’s Classic Films Tour

Warner Bros

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Hollywood’s magic takes center stage! Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) forge a thrilling partnership, launching the TCM Classic Films Tour to mark TCM’s 30th anniversary. This extraordinary experience invites guests to step into the Golden Age of Hollywood, celebrating the iconic films of TCM alongside the legendary Warner Bros. legacy.

“Warner Bros. has shaped a century of cinematic excellence, and TCM has honored that legacy through its exceptional programming,” said Mike De Luca and Pam Abdy, Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group. “We’re delighted that fans will now have the chance to explore the Burbank lot, where history was made, and relive the magic for themselves.”

Warner Bros

The tour delves into the heart of the Warner Bros. backlot, emphasizing those magical early days of filmmaking. Imagine walking past James Dean’s apartment, or the tranquil rose garden that once served as Jack Warner’s tennis court. Step inside the Eastwood Scoring Stage, built in 1929, where the music of countless films was brought to life. And the Property House… a treasure trove of over half a million props, including relics from Captain Blood and the dazzling Tiffany’s chandelier from The Letter.

Before your adventure, enter the state-of-the-art screening room. Historical photographs from the Warner Bros. archive line the walls, and a specially curated introduction video from TCM’s beloved hosts – Ben Mankiewicz, Eddie Muller, Jacqueline Stewart, Alicia Malone, and Dave Karger – sets the stage.

Joining Ben Mankiewicz on stage for the grand opening and a Q&A with invited press, actor Burton Gilliam reminisced the golden years of shooting 1974’s “Blazing Saddles” on the Warner Bros. Studio lot with Mel Brooks as director.  It was only the actor’s second professional film shoot and still hasn’t been told by the director if he did well in the movie. Burton also stated how Warner Bros. Studios will always be his home studio.

As your TCM Classic Films Tour cart whisks you away, the voices of TCM’s hosts echo through the backlot, transporting you into the worlds of Casablanca, My Fair Lady, The Music Man, and countless other classics.

“This partnership brings a true love of classic cinema to life,” said Danny Kahn, Vice President & General Manager, of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. “TCM preserves these timeless films, and our tour lets you walk where legends walked, bringing those cherished movies even closer to your heart.”

The TCM Classic Films Tour offers approximately 3.5 hours of enchantment, including a guided backlot exploration, a visit to the interactive Stage 48: Script to Screen (home to the iconic sets of Friends and The Big Bang Theory), and the breathtaking exhibits of Action and Magic Made Here and a Celebration of Warner Bros.

A lot of passion and care went into curating the TCM Classic Films Tour. This tour is a response to guest feedback over years since the tour’s operations and put together by professionals and historians of the industry. It is designed to preserve the history of filmmaking for future generations to enjoy and older generations to share. One can only hope for the same level of dedication should more specifically focused tours be offered in the future. A Horror Films Tour would be an excellent offering with the absence of Warner Bros Horror Made Here in recent years.

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