The Biggest News from WonderCon 2022 and Beyond!


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Somehow, WonderCon has returned…and brought with it plenty of news, first looks, and milestone reunions! Let’s dive right in and share some of what this year’s festivities had to offer, bringing you some of the best highlights from this weekend as well as some exciting news that will keep us looking ever forward to Comic Con and beyond!

Mutants Unite! X-Men takes center stage in an epic anniversary panel!


The X-Men fandom had a lot to celebrate this WonderCon, with two exclusive panels commemorating the original animated series, as well as the evolution of the original animated show and how it connects to their hardcore fan base. On Saturday, the convention hall was rocked by an epic reunion for the 30th anniversary of the original X-Men animated series. The panel included some of the creative minds responsible for the fan favorite series, as well as a look back at some of its most memorable moments.

Shortly after, WonderCon was host to a legendary assemblage of some of X-Men’s biggest fans, leading the discussion on the legacy of X-Men and how the fandom connected to the beloved Marvel franchise. From cosplayers, to key animators and players involved in the various series over the years, there was a lot of love for X-Men and a lot more to appreciate with the new animated series in the horizon. We are very excited to see what comes in this next thrilling chapter!


Her Universe Fashion Show preview and first looks! 

Ashley Eckstein, along with her epic Her Universe team and winners from last year’s 2021 Her Universe Fashion show took to the stage at WonderCon to preview the return of the in person show this year, along with a few new surprises. Details were also teased for the Her Universe winner’s design line, which will be inspired by the upcoming release of Jurassic World: Dominion.

This unique line will carry one-of-a-kind inspired looks, all tied into the Jurassic franchise. Though it was only a sneak peek, fans did get a chance to hear the new line will debut early this summer. You can also catch our exclusive interview with Her Universe 2021 Fashion Show winner and designer, Teighlor Johnson, by clicking here!

A preview of the 2022 Jurassic World: Dominion themed fashion line from Her Universe


Spider-Man web slings into the Comic Con Museum in Summer 2022

An exclusive installation is coming to the San Diego Comic Con museum this summer, commemorating none other than the one, the only, the amazing Spider-man! Celebrating his 60th anniversary, the exhibit will feature interactive installations, expansive set pieces, and key knowledge from the countless creators who have helped bring the fan favorite hero to life over the past six decades.

Beyond Amazing- Spider-Man: The Exhibition, will include original comic art, animation materials, and film production elements that fill the rich legacy of the Spider-Man story. Fans will even get a chance to catch a glimpse into the future of what’s to come next, which is bound to be exciting. The new exhibit will debut on July 1st, 2022.

Photo Credit to Comic Con Museum Official

The Bob’s Burgers Movie

The cast and creative minds from the hit Fox animated series Bob’s Burgers stole the show on Sunday, sharing a sneak peek at the upcoming and highly anticipated The Bob’s Burgers Movie. Fans had a chance to watch the first six minutes of the film, learn about the creative process behind being the Belchers to the big screen, and the challenges that came from the isolation and restrictions brought on by the pandemic. You can catch the new trailer below!

The panel also dived deep into the Bob’s Burgers timeline, sharing that the plot of the film will carry some big character driven moments, each tied into the Belcher’s experiences going through the last week of school leading into summer. Though, the cast did provide assurance that the show will carry on and keep the clock still, providing more stories to come in the series. Keep an eye out for the musical event of the summer! Yes, you heard it right. This film is going to be a full blown musical experience!

Funko celebrates Freddy’s Beach Bash! 


Funko returned to WonderCon and made waves with their epic Beach Bash layout and special limited release figures that included icons from DC, Hanna-Barbera, Marvel, and Masters of the Universe. The installation featured an impressive, 20″ inflatable Tiki, as well as some rad photo ops, and chances to snag a limited edition set of pop figures and other one-of-a-kind merchandise. For fans who did not get a chance to visit WonderCon, retailers will carry their own WonderCon exclusives, such as Hot Topic!


LatinX Representation in film and television discusses inclusion and representation in modern media!

Fans had a chance to catch up with some of the industry’s well renowned creators in the LatinX community, including writer/director Christopher Oroza-Nostas, George Salinas (Executive Producer/ CEO of Bridge Works Entertainment, Julie and the Phantoms), Laura Cristina Ortiz (Costume Designer, Synchronic), Sandro Morales-Santoro (Composer, Marvel: The Secret History of VENOM, Plástico), Alicia Zaragoza (Directors Guild Assistant Director Member, Instructions Not Included), Francisco Cabrera-Feo (Writer, Gentefied), and Moisés Zamora (Writer/ Creator/ Co-Showrunner, Selena: The Series).

“As a Latinx queer costume designer, I feel a responsibility to fill that hole that’s missing,” continued costume designer Laura Cristina Ortiz. “Costume design is like live action character design. When you’re creating them, there’s a responsibility to both the fun fashion impact and the social impact.

It’s very exciting to be a part of the generation that’s making content and trying to find our comfort and solace in the media. There are now a plethora of stories we can relate to.” According to the panel, Latinx creatives make up only 7.1% of film leads, 7.7% of all film roles, 7.1% of film directors, and 5.6% of writers.

New Series from Disney+ bring mystery and intrigue 

Disney+ shared some exciting new details behind some brand new series, including the mysterious new reality competition, The Quest. The show is being brought to life by high profile producers ranging from all areas of the entertainment world including The Lord of the Rings, The Amazing Race, and Queer Eye.

This highly immersive hybrid competition will drop eight real teens into the mystical world of Everealm, a land of unriviled beauty and powerful magic. Each teen will compete in challenges to save the world from an evil sorceress and ward off the forces of evil. Fans can catch this exciting new series beginning May 11th on Disney+

All in all, it was great to be back at WonderCon this year, and with plenty of excitement yet to come, we can’t wait to kick off the rest of 2022’s convention season. With so much fun to come, there are bound to be surprises hiding around every corner of the multiverse. We can’t wait to share it all with you.

WonderCon gallery below!

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