‘The Boogeyman’ Movie Review

The Boogeyman

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“The Boogeyman” will make grown-ups afraid of the dark again. This is the way horror movies should be made. Based on a short story of the same name by Stephen King, the film’s tight script and pacing is suspenseful when it needs to be, heart-pounding where it wants you, and a touch of heartfelt humor for tension relief before sucking audiences back into the darkness. The film doesn’t waste a minute on pointless characterizations or pop music filler in order to retain its atmospheric mood.

The interaction between wholesome father-daughter relationships and sisterly love appears genuine and authentic enough for audiences to want to see the family dynamic through their ordeal. The monster evolves into a spiritual manifestation of the family’s trauma as it feeds on their fears and insecurities just as any iconic beast should.

“The Boogeyman” showcases the most horrific iteration of the timeless monster that has been conceived. The premise is simple enough to follow what most remember about the basics of a monster lurking in dark and enclosed spaces. Yet the nerve-wracking cinematography and engaging characters bring new light to a familiar fright. The sound design will leave the audience thinking twice hearing the voices of unseen loved ones. Mercifully, the film relies more on the unsettling building of tension rather than shocking gore and redundant jump scares.

Horrifically satisfying. Finally, a horror movie that’s worth a trip to see in theaters.  As much as you want to leave in fear, you have succumbed to staying in your seat to see what happens next. Another fine addition to the category of elevated horror.

The 20th Century Studios film has been given a theatrical release after initially being intended for streaming on Hulu. The darkened movie theater-going experience has certainly elevated the grateful potential of “The Boogeyman”. Sophie Thatcher and Vivien Lyra Blair play sisters in their respective roles with uncanny professionalism. Incidentally, both played major roles in the Star Wars universe on the Disney+ streaming service.

It was a delight to see them both on the big screen acting opposite of each other. The horror movie also stars Chris Messina as their desperate father. Marvel and DC cinema fans will also recognize David Dastmalchian in a significant and memorable role.

“The Boogeyman” opens in theaters on June 2, 2023. Directed by Rob Savage. Rated PG-13 for terror, violent content, teen drug use, and some strong language.

The Boogeyman

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