The Disney Diaries: Disneyland Halloween Spooktacular

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“This is Halloween!”

Summer has drawn to a close an Fall begins to take the main stage at the Disneyland Resort. The Mickey Pumpkin returns along with season regulars like Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday. Along with those perennial traditions, the resort brought a fantastically large amount of surprises that have already drawn in huge droves of Guests.

Whether you are a seasoned Annual Passholder, or a more casual Disney fan, I can safely say this year’s festivities should not be missed. For the first time, Disney California Adventure is brought into the world of Halloween. Decorations can be found throughout the entire park from the flashing lights and bats around Carthay Circle to the towering spires of the Collector’s tower.

Carthay shines with the new decorative lights.
Rocket needs your help! Save Groot!

One of the most prominent and awe inspiring features is Cars Land’s overlay. If you thought Christmastime was spectacular, it’s time to get a closer look at Radiator Springs. Every inch of the land is covered in bright lights, spooky cones, and colorful costumes. You can find Lightning McQueen as a super hero, Cruz Ramirez as a pirate, Mater as a vampire, and Red as a clown. Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters gets a full seasonal overlay with special songs, decorations, and lights. Maters Junkyard Jamboree also gets a motor graveyard and new songs to get you in the festive mood.

For those who are waiting for Dia De Los Muertos, Doc Hudson was given a shrine that can be seen in Ramone’s. I was deeply moved by the display and all the effort taken to continue the tradition of amazement that is Cars Land. Out of everything in both parks, Cars Land definitely shines brightest in these new additions. However, that does not mean there aren’t many other notable elements.

For Doc.

The Headless Horseman gets an eerie statue right off of Buena Vista Street. The smoke, the lights, the darkness stands out beautifully. Guardians of the Galaxy’s “Monsters After Dark” overlay adds to the same tone. It’s a great mix of spooky, exciting, and fun. The exterior effects shouldn’t be ignored either. Tower of Terror will be deeply missed, but it is also nice to have a seasonal change of pace that creates something new.

Beware of the Headless Horseman.

Speaking of new, Oogie Boogie’s take over of the Disney California Adventure blows the traditional Disneyland entrance out of the water. It’s so popular, Photopass Cast Members are now stationed in the esplanade to take photos as you walk into the park.

Disney California Adventure is definitely in the Halloween Spirit!

Once those gates are passed through, make sure you budget wisely. Overlays, decorations, and attractions aside, there are so many food options you may need more than one trip to really get to experience it all. Every land has some sort of seasonal offering, and from the few items I have tried so far, I have no complaints. It’s been an amazing chance to taste and explore more than the usual haunts throughout the year. As a park regular, former Cast Member, and Annual Passholder, I tend to stick to my favorites during each visit. The menu options are so diverse, I can break that mold and try something new.

Just showing off the new Mickey Mouse Halloween popcorn bucket.

These additions are a positive step forward, especially in a time where we are feeling restless in waiting for future park updates. Halloweentime will be happily haunting the resort until October 31st. You can learn all the details on the resort’s website below:

Go out there and have some fun. Besides, summertime is vastly overrated!