“The Muppets Mayhem” Season 1 Review

The Muppets Mayhem

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The Jim Henson Company is back in the studio with Disney, with an exciting new show with a cast of characters that haven’t taken center stage on a project till now, that is to say, they aren’t unfamiliar with the stage, they are Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. The group is the star of a new Muppets-centric show on Disney + “The Muppets Mayhem”.

The series follows the band’s journey to making a record in a struggling music industry that should be an insider, but actually an outsider of the industry “Nora” played by Lily Singh. Filling out the cast are notable character actors including Tahj Mowry as a groupie from the band but ultimately friend that is his character “Moog”.

The show makes good use of some familiar character actors from some of your favorite tv sitcoms and comedies, as well as the ever-reliable staple from the franchise of having some of the most choice cameos time and time again.

The format of the show integrates many show styles that have become popular on the small screen over the last twenty years, seamlessly recapping certain parts of the larger story in a unique, yet familiar way to those television lovers may be familiar with. After each episode, you’ll be left wanting more Muppets and all the mayhem they can offer.

Each episode continues its own self-contained story that moves the larger story forward but with enough tight modern storytelling and with that sensibility that it can be expected for viewers to want to see what happens next episode as soon as they are able to. Binge-watching the series can be done effortlessly but to appreciate all the nuggets throughout the series such as those famous cameos, it might be suggested to enjoy it at a slower pace.

The ridiculous situations in which our human players find themselves usually because of the equally ridiculous Muppets, who are front and center in the show, and the other Muppet franchise elements, might leave some newer Muppets viewers confused, but those familiar with Muppets fare will find they are all just apart of the fun that these characters are known for bringing to the screen. The heartwarming moments that the Muppets perform that tug on the hearts strings are a large part of this show and are earned as they play out across the season.

The Muppets Mayhem

The series follows a similar formula to other Muppet projects from the past, and is a formula that has worked time and time again. The root of the story is that of the underdog.

The human characters and The Muppets typically have to work together to help each other to find success or both typically in these stories are at risk of losing everything. Muppets projects are at their best when there are some stakes involved, even if they are Muppet-level stakes, it is this storytelling that has made for some of the best moments in their franchise. People like The Muppets for the talent they portray on screen but they love them for their seemingly amazing ways of overcoming amazing obstacles together with their cast of characters and friends to save the day.

The familiar formula the show brings is comforting in a sea of many Disney+ projects that seemingly desire to revive franchises with great fervor all while forgetting why people loved watching those franchises in the first place, you’ll be glad to hear the rich formula that made this franchise successful is not lost on “Muppets Mayhem”.

The long rich history in Muppets lore is not forgotten here, this is not some ill attempt at a reboot, the show simply hopes to pick up where the story of the Electric Mayhem might have left off since we last saw them on screen.

The Muppets Mayhem

Music-centric driven storytelling that The Muppets have used since its inception is front and center in this show about Electric Mayhem, keep an eye out and an ear open to all the different music that is on full display or talked about, sprinkled throughout the show.

Time and time again these puppets known as The Muppets have made for very human storytelling for the last few decades across their library of projects. It seemed it was time that whatever cast of characters the Henson company could bring together to bring The Muppets back to the cultural conversation should be done with care. Not only is this project done with care but with fun.

The music and song heritage of The Muppets is integrated into this show about Muppets making music while also honoring the music it has become legendary alongside, music from the era of the ’70s all the way till today.

As a matter of fact, the attention to detail here for the music industry makes a greater experience for music fans across the board, no matter what you vibe with, as the electric mayhem would say. So get ready to get to know again fan favorite Animal, along with the band’s leader Dr. Teeth, with Floyd, Janice, Lips, and the Zoot in a way that you’ve never seen them before.

“Muppets Mayhem” is a reunion that we didn’t ask for but till now never knew we needed, like a reunion from your favorite group that came back into the limelight, just in time for you to introduce them to your kids. This is an experience that can be enjoyed by the entire family, and one that hopes Muppets fans new and old will enjoy while discovering or rediscovering what makes these characters so beloved. The Muppets are truly back and they are here to stay!

“The Muppets Mayhem” premieres on Disney+ on May 10, 2023!

The Muppets Mayhem

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