Theatre Review: Rain – A Tribute to The Beatles

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The British are invading Segerstrom Center for the Arts, but only for one more day! “Come Together” to experience one of the greatest, most sensational, tributes to The Beatles ever!

Rain is playing at Segrestrom Hall, but don’t expect a musical stage show, instead be prepared to be transported to a time and place; a place where the music was pure and important. This a rock concert with all the songs you have fallen in love within the massive Beatles catalog.

The Beatles music is something special. Everyone knows them. Their hits are endless and it will be near impossible for you to not join in the chorus. The show follows the progression of the band as they age and change their style from suited up pretty boys to long hair hippies. We begin with them as if they were performing on the Ed Sullivan show. After several songs a screen comes down and clips from that time are played as the members of the band do a quick costume change. This is continued for each era of the band creating different acts if you will.

The band does a tremendous job getting the audience into it making it feel as if we are part of the crazed fanatics. The show, or concert in this case, creates an experience you may not have had before. Just a few songs in and we are treated with the first solo, “Yesterday”.

Paul McCartney, for this show the part is played PAUL CURATOLO, sits peacefully in the spotlight and haze as he begins to strum this infamous tune. This is when I really felt transported to 60’s and nearly forgot that I wasn’t actually watching Sir Paul McCartney. It was such a beautiful moment I teared up a little.

The show has many moments similar to this. There is no generation gap here, everyone loves The Beatles! Here is your chance to feel like you are seeing them live, in the appropriate era, creating a whole new appreciation you may have never had for them.

I’ve been used to listening to The Beatles just on the radio or on my computer perhaps in the background. I think many have been subjected to listening to their songs in this matter. Well, Rain takes these extremely familiar songs and turns the amp up to 11. Here you will experience these countless masterpieces as if it were your first time. Rain brings new life to The Beatles. A fun entertaining night out for all, or even that Daytripper out there.

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