New 3D-HD Mega-Attraction, “Transformers: The Ride-3D"

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Universal Studios Hollywood’s epic thrill ride, “Transformers™: The Ride—3D”will set the bar for unparalled, immersive theme park rides when this landmark, technologically advanced, mega-attraction debuts May 25, 2012.  Envisioned to completely and uniquely revolutionize the next-generation of themed rides, “Transformers: The Ride—3D” will be a monumental tour de force helmed by a roster of Hollywood heavyweights, including award-winning filmmaker and creative consultant Michael Bay, the Oscar®-winning, visionary special effects masterminds and technical luminaries at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), TRANSFORMERS brand stewards at Hasbro, Inc. and the award-winning, progressive and inspired minds at Universal Creative.

I have been looking forward to Transformers: The Ride 3D for quite some time now, as Universal Hollywood really hasn’t received a brand new attraction of this magnitude in quite a while. The ride system was taken from my personal favorite ride at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure, The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman. Universal Studios Hollywood invited us to experience the ride during their technical rehearsals.

A new spin on motion platform thrill rides utilizing huge screens and 3-D Projections among physical show scenes and special effects. The actual exterior of the building isn’t anything special, but once you step under the marquee, the theme kicks in. By far the best queue I have seen done by universal. The story of NEST and the Allspark is told through several preshows and displays spread throughout. A nice touch I thought was all the panels on the walls that guests can actaully play with (they dont actaully do anything.)

“’Transformers:  The Ride—3D” will envelop the audience and make them feel like they’re in it, that they’re in the midst of these robots. It’s quite an exciting experience. I wish we could do this with movies.” Michael Bay, Award-Winning Filmmaker and Creative Consultant on     “Transformers: The Ride—3D”

The mood in the loading area is another fun point, crew members are dressed as NEST soldiers and yell directions at you as if you are going to battle calling you “recruits.” The actual ride itself I think is by far the best attraction built by Universal to date (even better than Harry Potter.) Trying not to spoil anything, you are assigned to get the Allspark out of the city, and throughout the ride you battle several depicticons who try to steal it from you.

Powered by elaborate flight simulation ride technology, the 12-passenger, motion-based EVAC ride vehicle tips the scale at a hefty 12,000 pounds and pivots in all directions within a 360-degree rotation in precision synchronization with the 3D-HD media and choreographed to a clever assortment of visceral special effects.

I dont want to ruin the surprises but the action is non-stop and your on the edge of your seat the whole time. Universal has big competition in SoCal this summer, though I think Transformers has set the bar high. Lets see if Disney can top it.

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