Trip Report: Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology

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Discovery Science Center of Santa Ana, California is proud to launch the U.S. premiere of the Indiana Jones™ and the Adventure of Archaeology’s world tour. The exhibition, which will run from October 12 to April 21, 2013, uses the Indiana Jones™ film series as both a starting point and a backdrop for an exciting and entertaining introduction to the real science of field archaeology. It is sure to enthral visitors as it takes them around the world in the footsteps of Indiana Jones to 11 sites around the world he explored during his adventures.

Showcasing items from four different collections, Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology is far more than a static display of movie props. Visitors can follow the “Indy Trail,” which chronicles Indy’s archaeological adventures using concept art, props and models from the Lucasfilm Archives, while in the Archaeological Zones, they discover field archaeology through unique artifacts from the Penn Museum, National Geographic and the Mission San Juan Capistrano. The entire experience is enhanced with a handheld interactive video companion that visitors receive as they enter. The device informs visitors about what they see with audio, text and video, and it gives all a chance to create their own “quest” through the exhibition.

Made possible by Lucasfilm Ltd., presented by the National Geographic Society and produced by Montreal’s X3 Productions, the exhibition is aimed at kids of all ages, Indy fans, history buffs and budding adventurers and explorers.

indyimage1As they visit Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, museum-goers learn how archaeology has changed from the mid-20th century, when Indy’s adventures took place, until the present day. Along with the Indy Trail, the exhibition takes visitors through four zones: The Quest, The Discovery, The Investigation and The Interpretation. Among the archaeological highlights visitors will encounter are a collection of gold artifacts from the Royal Cemetery at Ur, in ancient Mesopotamia; a series of nine beautifully decorated bowls and vessels from Nasca, Peru; the world’s oldest known map; and the world’s oldest known evidence of wine-making. The exhibition also features an extensive collection of Indiana Jones movie props, including the Ark of the Covenant, Mutt’s motorcycle, a crystal skeleton from Akator on its throne, the costumes of the leading ladies of all four Indy movies, and the costume of Indiana Jones himself, complete with hat and whip.


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