Tron Celebrates 35 Years at the El Capitan Theatre

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“Greetings Programs!”

The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood hosted their “Throwback Thursday” event on August 10, bringing back the classic Tron as well as Tron Legacy in a special double feature event.

The famous El Capitan Marquee
Tron Legacy joins in the double feature exclusive.

To celebrate its 35th Anniversary, fans flocked to the venue in droves to see the films and have a chance to be a part of a rare discussion with the film’s creators and star cast. In attendance was Tron himself, Bruce Boxleitner, in addition to creator Steven Lisberger and animator Bill Kroyer.

Writer & Director Steven Lisberger, Animator Bill Kroyer & Tron himself Bruce Boxleitner!

On center stage, a full discussion brought in the technological achievements of the film, the impact, and the longevity it has sustained with generations of moviegoers. Proud, Lisberger and company focused on what made Tron such a unique film and as a SoCalThrills Exclusive, we have their segment below.

Both shows were shown to a sold out house that included an exclusive raffle for both screenings. Winners received signed copies of Tron and Tron Legacy on Blu Ray/DVD.The El Capitan also announced their next “Thowback Thursday” event, which will honor the 25th Anniversary of the live action classic, “The Mighty Ducks”.

The Mighty Ducks is revealed as the next Throwback Thursday event.

Before each film, all in attendance also got the chance to answer film trivia, show off cosplay, and vintage Tron merchandise.

Fans take a crack at movie trivia about Tron and Tron Legacy

An El Capitan tradition, “Throwback Thursday highlights past Disney films both live action and animated that feature special guests, raffles, and exclusive events.

Raffle prizes being drawn before the film.
For those who didn’t win a raffle prize, the Studio Store has you covered!

Past films include Hercules, Alice in Wonderland, and Swiss Family Robinson. In addition to “Throwback” events, the venue is getting the royal treatment with a set of favorite Disney Princess films that will have a limited release over the next month and a half.

A look at the “Dream Big Princess” event in the works at the El Capitan.

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