'Turbo Fast' Has Five New Episodes on Netflix!

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Dreamworks Animation Television has just added five brand new episodes of their show, Turbo Fast, based on the last year’s film Turbo, to Netflix. The show continues the adventures of Turbo, a racing snail, and his full crew of pit snails, including Whiplash, Smooth Move, Skidmark, and Burn, following the events of the film.

The show has a certain vibrant and stylized look that really pops off the screen, and it’s sure to entrance the kids as they watch. Each episode is split into two, eleven minute stories, that follow the crew on a new adventure as we continue to expand on their world. The episodes see Turbo and his gang as they go on a cruise, try to race on the freeway, adopt en endangered frog, go see a psychic moth who tells them Whiplash will be eaten, and accidentally waking an swarm of 1990’s cicadas from a cryogenic sleep.

Each episode packs quite a few laughs for kids, as well as parents, but it’s really the episode Curse of the Cicadas that will leave parents giggling the most. The film is a full on 1990’s retro episode, featuring a cheesy laugh track, call backs to characters like Steve Urkel from Family Matters, a cameo from two Bill and Ted look alikes (my personal favorite call back), and a rather riveting Spanish song that flashes you back to The Macarena, to great effect. It’s a lot of fun trying to catch all the little references they throw out, and it’s one of the more clever episodes of the new batch.

Kids will definitely enjoy spending more time with Turbo and his friends, and it’s easy to see why Dreamworks decided to move forward with a show based around them. There world is fun, and kind of crazy, and it really gives them a lot of room to play and have fun. The show is so vibrant and fun, kids won’t be able to look away, and the racing scenes in particular look very cool. Flash animation has certainly come a long way from what it used to look like, and Dreamworks Animation Television is certainly using it to great effect. It’s definitely a show the kids will enjoy, and parents will be able to digest it easily with them.

The new episodes of Turbo Fast are available right now for streaming on Netflix, and you can check out two new clips below, both coming from the episode, Curse of the Cicadas: