Ubisoft Releases Sandstorm Pirate Wars on Mobile Devices

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Ubisoft released Sandstorm Pirate Wars™, an expansive action RPG, now available to download on smartphones and tablets. Developed by Ubisoft Barcelona, the game challenges players to use competitive tactical skills to take on pirates in a post-apocalyptic world where only the fiercest and smartest will survive.

Sandstorm Pirate Wars sets players in the midst of a catastrophe-stricken Earth. Equipped with a sand cruiser and customized weapons, players will interact with hundreds of exotic and eccentric characters and take on ruthless pirates. In this desolate setting, players must find out who will help them, who will mislead them and who is a threat.

Players choose from four vessels, each with their own set of unique weapons, to deploy cannons, lasers, machine guns and battle drones, all while immersed in a stunning 3D world presented with high-quality HD graphics and special effects. Additionally, players can earn in-game currency to upgrade vessels, customize weapons and strengthen battle skills. Create an unbeatable battle strategy to defeat lurking pirates or compete with friends to put your skills to the test and be the top player in your league.


“When we started working on the project, we wanted to make a game that we would like to play ourselves, something new and different, with mechanics never before seen on mobile,” said Carlos Peris, producer. “An absorbing storyline was required, but also a strong, real-time PvP mode to please the most competitive players.”


Sandstorm Pirate Wars is NOW available on the App Store® and on Google Play™.

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