Hold On Tight! Universal Studios Hollywood Announces High-Octane ‘Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift’ Coaster for 2026

Universal Studios Hollywood

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Get ready to strap in and feel the need for speed, folks, because Universal Studios Hollywood has finally unveiled its FIRST-EVER high-speed outdoor roller coaster, and it’s themed to the adrenaline-pumping world of Fast & Furious! Say hello to “Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift,” set to blast into the park in 2026.

This isn’t just any coaster; Universal’s touting it as a groundbreaking experience, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Think 360-degree spinning cars, a meticulously designed track built for realism, and even sound reduction technology for the ultimate immersive experience. They’re promising that this coaster will make you feel like you’re truly drifting alongside Dom and the crew!

“Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift” sounds like a perfect fit for the Upper Lot, and I’m already picturing those sleek cars racing over the rest of the park. This is a massive deal for Universal, and as a massive theme park geek, I’m beyond stoked to see how they keep pushing the envelope with this ride’s innovations.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Mark your calendars, thrill seekers! “Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift” joins an already thrilling lineup at Universal Studios Hollywood. From Super Nintendo World to the Wizarding World, this park isn’t afraid to take big swings! And, of course, we can’t forget the legendary Studio Tour, which is turning a whopping 60 this year.

Obviously, the Fast & Furious franchise is a box-office juggernaut, and I’m betting this coaster will be just as popular. Get those engines revved – we’re in for a wild ride!

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