Video Game Review 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X'

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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X is the latest game in SEGA’s Project DIVA series. For those unfamiliar with Hatsune Miku and the series, the game features a light storyline following the main character Miku and her journey to restore ‘voltage’ to a prism in each of the five music clouds that make up the Vocaloids’ world. Each cloud features its own unique aura or theme, such as Classic, Cute, Cool, Elegant, and Quirky. Also featured are small events in which Miku finds her style and builds relationships with her fellow Vocaloids.

Project DIVA X is the first Project Diva game on the PS4, with previous versions appearing on the PS3. The game is friendly to both veterans and new players alike. Those already familiar with the previous titles will enjoy the same core gameplay that has been around for years, such as timed rhythm presses, technical zones, and chance time.

For players new to rhythm games, the game itself has a tutorial that will ease the player into the game’s mechanics and rhythm games as a whole. For those that have mastered the base game, finishing the main story will unlock a series of new twists that will make the game more challenging.

Customization is a huge part of Project Diva X as the costumes and accessories you equip your Vocaloid with will help boost your score during their performance. Certain costumes and accessories give a bonus when worn together, rewarding coordination with an even bigger score multiplier. Even wacky combinations are not exempt, so make sure to try them all out!

The bond you have with your vocaloids will also boost your score, and can be improved by giving them gifts. These gifts will be displayed within your Vocaloid’s room, adding another layer to customization. Gifts and accessories are handed out at the end of a performance. If you succeed in completing a challenging part of the song called chance time, you will also be rewarded with a unique costume to help dress up your Vocaloids for their next show.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X is out now for the PS4 ($49.99) and the PS Vita ($39.99). Also available with the game launch are various DLC add-ons. For a limited time, Aug. 30 – Sep. 30 you can download the Snow Miku 2010 – 2015 DLC pack for free!

Check Out some cool screen-shots from the game: