Walt Disney’s “Bambi” Celebrates 75th anniversary

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will host a special screening of the Oscar®-nominated animated feature “Bambi” in honor of the film’s 75th anniversary on Monday, May 15 at 7:30p.m. at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. Hosted by film critic Leonard Maltin, the evening will feature a panel discussion with voice actors Donnie Dunagan (voice of young Bambi), Peter Behn (voice of young Thumper), animator Andreas Deja and production designer Paul Felix.

“Bambi” earned three Oscar nominations for Music – Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture, Music – Song, and Sound Recording.

Bambi, the fawn who loses his mother to a hunter’s bullet but ultimately matures into a leader, and his forest friends, Thumper and Flower, are among the most memorable characters in animation history. The Disney Studio spent five years in production on Bambi and used the multiplane camera to give the film its depth of images. The film earned three Academy Award nominations: Music – Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture (Frank Churchill, Edward Plumb), Music – Song, “Love Is A Song,” (Music by Churchill; Lyrics by Larry Morey) and Sound Recording (Walt Disney Studio Sound Department, Sam Slyfield, sound director).

Presented by Walt Disney. Supervising Director David D. Hand. Story Direction Perce Pearce. Story Adaptation Larry Morey. Based on the novel “Bambi: A Life in the Woods” by Felix Salten.

Voice Cast: Donnie Dunagan, Peter Behn, Hardie Albright, Ann Gillis, Thelma Hubbard, Sterling Holloway, Will Wright, Marion Darlington.