WHOOSH! Promises a Safe Way to Clean Your Mobile Devices

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Let’s face it, our phones and tablets are dirty. They may appear clean on the surface when wiping off the display with our shirt, pant leg, or a random micro-fiber cloth that we share with a pair glasses. However, Time Magazine published an article from the London School of Hygiene & Topical Medicine, University of London stating that “1 in 6 cell phones [are] contaminated with fecal matter.”


We put these devices to our faces on a daily basis and we “clean” them with a cloth that we share with either our glasses or other electronics we own. Luckily WHOOSH! is there to save us from our fecal infested smart phones and tablets. Fecal matter is not the only culprit that exists on our phones either! WHOOSH! states that, “Over 80% of mobile phones have some form of bacterial contamination!” Nasty right? It makes me want to never touch someone’s phone or tablet again, but that is nearly impossible for me in my line of work.

WHOOSH! was present at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) in Las Vegas in January. As I was approaching their booth, I noticed a large crowed with people surrounding a live demo. People were handing to what I referred to as “The WHOOSH! Ladies” their phones just for a clean to see the magic. Like a Lemming, I handed my phone over as well. I was really glad I did so. My phone had never felt or looked so clean before! Well, it did when it was new. There were no streaks or haze and it glistened like a beacon. I thought to myself, “I have to get some of this!” I was given a sample and I used it all during CES. Sadly I emptied the bottle when I got home because I was cleaning all my electronic screens with it.

consumerwhooshWHOOSH! claims their Screen Shine “is the only screen and device cleaner that is guaranteed safe for all screens, 100% non-toxic, and fingerprint resistant.” I was in OCD overload and extremely satisfied with how this cleaner worked. Luckily WHOOSH! sent us some more samples to use. I noticed that fingerprints were less apparent and my phone and tablet didn’t feel grimy with hand oils. The magic isn’t just in their spray either. The cloth is also part of the equation and each one of their SKUs ships with an “anti-microbial screen cleaning microfiber cloth.”

You may ask yourself, “How safe is this powerful cleaner?” Luckily the ingredients are non-toxic, alcohol & ammonia free, and it’s biodegradable. Furthermore, the Screen Shine is also antistatic, streak and haze free. The prices for WHOOSH! a reasonable and market competitive as well.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine come in 3 packs:

Pocket (.3 fluid ounces) for $5.99
Go (1 fluid ounce) for $10
Duo+ (one 3.4 fluid ounce bottle and one .3 fluid ounce bottle) for $20

For more information and to purchase your first pack for WHOOSH! visit their website at whooshscreenshine.com or visit your nearest Apple Store.

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