2012 OC Fair "Home Sweet Home"

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It’s time for the OC Fair!!!!!

Now last year we brought you the thrills of food, fun and shopping so we thought we would try something a little different. With this year’s edition of the OC fair being “Home Sweet Home” we brought the kids so we could really have a family experience.

Now we had a late start to our day as it was a hot time in the OC but more hot times were to be had once we stepped inside the gate. We were instantly greeted with the smell of fair, fried food. It didn’t disappoint as Juciy’s presented us with a free sample of one of this year’s new dishes, fried chocolate strawberries. YUM! Add to that the new deep fried Reese’s Big Cup™ and I was in heaven. Wanting to join in on the eating fun my boy grabbed a fair fav deep fried Snickers™. Yep you guessed it, he was in heaven too. Alex and our lil girl just looked at the two of us and just shook their heads in disbelief. We just smiled and enjoyed our delicious delights of gastronomy.

On we strolled and stopped by the Centennial Barn to check in on the animals as our girl loves animals. The animals were a plenty from the new born calves to the 4 day old piglets that just lost their mom. It was heartening for our lil girl that the piglets are just beginning their life without someone to guide them. We assured her that they will be taken care of by the handlers who were very knowledgeable and protective of the piglets caring for them and making sure everything was good for them. We continued on seeing the goats, sheep, chickens and of petting the baby chicks.

Along the pens of animals were the OC home growers showing their wares. Rows of strawberries, sunflowers, gourds, you name it were nicely planted and maintained for all to see. The OC Rare Fruits group had a booth and showed some 20 different varieties of avocado which started getting me hungry again.

Off to find some more food. There was plenty to taste from 10 Pound Buns to fresh ice cream. What caught my eye was the Grand Award winner bacon wrapped portabella and Gouda kabob, mouthwatering goodness at its best. The rest of the family picked up the chili cheese fries and western sausage. All was enough for 4 to share and get a taste of the fair. Oh and don’t forget to take the souvenir cup it is a great buy at $5 with $2.75 refills.


Walking around the fair you will find more than just food. Shopping is everywhere. From some of the long time fair participants to new venders, you will find something to your liking to take home.

Since this is a county fair we had to take the kids over to the rides in the carnival area. We were happily surprised the vender allowed us to split the points between two tickets so the kids had an equal share. After we paid, the kids ran to a fun house then, into the mirror house, a quick ride on the wave rider, playing a game of strength and finishing with the EuroSlide, a good bargain for $20.

If you’re looking for entertainment there is plenty to experience. Between The Hanger, Pacific Amphitheatre and the Action Sports Arena you can get your fill. You can find out the dates of what’s happening on the website. Don’t forget to go to the pig racing which tends to get packed with fans to see the little porkers race around the track.

To slow things down a bit and take in some of the OC’s great amateurs and professionals head to the Visual Arts Gallery to see the Museum of Neon Art, Yarnbombing Los Angeles, Stitchory, or the amazing woodworkers. If you have a sweet tooth don’t miss the “Home Sweet Home” theme exhibit Chocolate Unwrapped: Beans, Bars & Bon Bons. (Come on food is awesome.)

Throughout the day we had a great time. Our only complaint would be the issues getting into the parking lot and on a more serious note, the lack of clean restrooms. Some of which were quite disgusting for a county fair who has the custodial group that has been there for 10 years. I only know this as they were happily wearing there 10 year anniversary buttons. Well some advice, please do a better job if for nothing else, health reasons.
After a full day we dragged ourselves back to the car and bid adieu to the OC Fair. We’ll be back before the end of the show on August 12. Besides there is still more to see and do as well as EAT.

The OC Fair runs Wednesdays-Sundays July 13-August 12 at the OC Fair & Event Center 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa CA 92626. More information at www.OCFAIR.com

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