A Special First Look at Knott’s Berry Farm HangTime Coaster

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Grab your board and prepare for some monster waves later this year, HangTime is getting ready to hit the surf at Knott’s Berry Farm. In a special preview, SoCalThrills got an up close look at the progress in bringing the record setting coaster to life.

Excitement is in the air!

The track is finished, the paint is fresh, and plenty of excitement is being felt around the park. Jeff Gahagan, VP of Maintenance at Knott’s provided a tour of the facility, mentioning new updates that coaster enthusiasts are sure to jump for joy about.

A first look at the ride in motion. Are you excited?

The attraction will last an estimated 123 seconds that includes a record setting 96 degree drop after a delayed hang time held at a 60 degree angle. Once completed, the coaster will also feature a fully programmable LED lighting system that will provide seasonal overlays as well as an interactive elements that will bring riders into a fully immersive surfer experience.

Careful planning going into the debut of HangTime later this year!

Each train will have a 16 rider capacity, with accommodating center space for riders of all sizes. Gahagan also explained the attraction features magnetic breaking, which will be a huge advantage for the coasters’ ride system. The brakes will create safer controls for emergencies as well as overall speed. This will not slow down the fun, as the brakes will do more than just add an extra layer of safety. The system will provide a smoother ride experience along with the ability to allow riders to board the attraction in adverse weather conditions. Rain or shine, coaster fans will get the chance to experience HangTime year round.

Peanuts comic strips can be found around the walls of the site poking fun at construction.

As riders exit, they will coast through a surfer themed retail store, featuring wood elements and streamlined architecture. The construction is already well under way. Though an official release date has not been announced, Knott’s has come very far in the construction and testing of the coaster. More exciting news is expected to come soon. Take a look at the test run below and prepare yourself for some epic waves!

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