IT: Blu-Ray Review

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“IT” makes the viewer tense at the edge of their seat, fearful of what is to come next from a frightful dancing clown. The movie’s special features a 2-disc blu-ray set and showcases four selections each at an average of 15 minutes in length. That’s a pretty decent running time with a compact yet thoughtful outlook on the making of the movie.

Key players in the creation and development of Pennywise the Dancing Clown takes center stage as the producer, director, and the man behind the makeup, Bill Skarsgard, reveal the central components of giving the audience nightmares beyond the Deadlights.

A special treat includes Skarsgard demonstrating his physical abilities that help win him the monstrous role. The child actors of the Losers Club are shown that not only do they portray life-long friends on screen, but off screen as well.

The master of suspense himself, Stephen King, chimes in and reveals his own analysis of his own work admired by millions around the world. Deleted and alternate takes of select scenes establish some unanswered questions and variations during the editing process for the nightmare-inducing flick.


The 2-disc Blu-ray edition provides just enough to appreciate the hard work and effort that was so passionately held by the filmmakers. But keeps enough to not overwhelm or take the fear out of your darkest imagination.

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