CES 2014, Sharp introduces new TV's and Pebble watch gets serious

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Home entertainment is nothing new and television is the center of home entertainment. However, HD TVs and smart televisions have been sort of lack luster. SHARP is trying to change that by bringing 4 new series of large LED televisions for 2014. Starting off the most affordable large screen is the AQUOS HD 1080p. Don’t let the affordability fool you though. The images coming from these base line models were outstanding and come in 5 large sizes which bring the cinema experience home and an affordable price (even though prices were not announced). Next they introduced their AQUOS (Q)uattron which allows for higher resolution and contrast standard HD. The blacks are much deeper and the color appear more vibrant and pop off the screen and they come in 3 different sizes. SHARP also announced their AQUOS (Q)uattron + which has the technology from the Quattron television but also adds a billion more shades of color, 16 million sub pixels, more depth, and built-in up scaling and comes in 4 different sizes. Furthermore, SHARP says it’s the only HD television that is able to play 4K content which is amazing since consumers don’t have to pay a premium for a 4K television. SHARP also brought their 3 flagship 4K televisions which were absolutely amazing since they allow for 4x the resolution of standard HD. No pun intended but these televisions were sharp and the detail was out of this world. One reoccurring theme that has been seen throughout out CES these past years has been smart TVs and SHARP is no different. They have also added their SmartCental to these new lines of TVs. It’s a very clean interface and allows the users to search content easily and provides the user with different options of how, when, and where they can obtain and view the content instead of the user having to search through different sources. Is very intuitive and appears to be fairly snappy. Users can also connect their iOS and Android devices to these televisions with a free app. It allows the user to have further interaction with their music, movies, and pictures without the need to connect a peripheral to the television. Be sure to visit SHARP at SharpUSA.com to see what’s new for 2014!


Wearable technology is becoming more popular and Smart Watch company Pebble announced a new watch in their lineup. The new Pebble which is known as Pebble Steel is the premium to their previous generation watch with Corning Gorilla Glass and machined metal. Although Pebble was not present at CES, they held a live broadcast on their website. Pebble is still sticking to their e-paper display. They did add a LED notification to the display for charging although more notifications may be added later. Pebble also announced their own app store and have partnered with heavy hitters such as Pandora, Yelp, Mercedes, etc. to create some life changing applications for the Pebble and Pebble Steel. You can start ordering your Pebble Steel today although they will not be shipped until late January. Also expect to see the launch of the Pebble app store around the same time.