Check Out the Final of Hollywood’s Ready Player One Challenge

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If you happen to be walking on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, don’t miss your chance to experience the “Ready Player One Challenge”. Going into its final weekend, it’s a fun filled adventure that celebrates the release of the film in an immersive team experience that puts you right into the hunt for the ultimate prize.

Think of it as a cross between a walk-thru maze, an easter egg hunt, and an escape game. Each player is given a wristband to track their progress through the challenge. A digital scoreboard tracks your ranking as you exit. Groups are joined together in reserved time slots and are given an explanation of the challenge. Just like the movie, there are three keys in the maze that must be found in order to “win” the egg. Just like in the movie.

Photo ops are available as you continue in what appears to be a set straight from the film. This is your chance to take your pictures in front of a vehicle and high-rise structures set to the theme of Ready Player One. It is most impressive and detailed.

From there, you are then escorted in the back of a van and lead past clues and set pieces stored inside it. All around are citizens engaged with their Virtual Reality (VR) sets, experiencing the world of The Oasis. The setting appears to be a home that our main character would live in.

Make a quick turn and you are now being thrust into The Oasis itself… which leads to a dance party with Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, and a giant Care Bear. It has the vibe of a Comic-Con after party! You are then set free to explore all the vivid details to find your keys (Crystal, Copper, and Jade) that will grant you access to the egg. One set piece include a living room with plenty of 1980s movie and video game references. Even the movie posters are parodies with the Ready Player One movie characters in them. Other set pieces include a Rubik’s Cube room and infinity mirror room.

If you can master the challenge and find all three keys, a door slides open to reveal the egg accompanied by props on display that were used in the movie. The exit contains a gift shop provided by Hot Topic. You can even purchase your very own set of key replicas!

Just when you think it’s over, a hidden gem appears, with no signs or hints to lead you to it. The time machine from Back to the Future is waiting, and is the ultimate prize. You can actually take a picture with the DeLorean. As you leave, a free poster is given to celebrate your victory. Overall, it was a pretty worthy experience.

The challenge is open now until April 1st, from 11am-11pm. Admission is free. Learn more about the limited time event at

Ready Player One releases on May 29th.



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