Create Your Own “Star Wars Story” with the Play Disney Parks App

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When Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens, a whole new experience will unfold, bringing guests right into the story of Star Wars in a way never before imagined. It’s all thanks to the immersive power of the Play Disney Parks App!

Starting May 31st for those with a reservation, and to the rest of the general public on June 24th, guests will be able to transform the world of Batuu into a living, breathing attraction. The Play Disney Parks App will become the Star Wars: Datapad, giving guests the opportunity to earn galactic credits that have the power to unlock activities and adventures within the land. Take a look at the four primary functions of the Datapad, all which will be at your fingertips upon your first visit to Galaxy’s Edge!

Hack- Interact with certain droids, blinking door panels, and other scenic elements throughout Batuu.

Scan- Explore hidden contents of cargo crates and containers, collecting virtual items as you go.

Translate- Understand written languages, such as Aurebesh, from across the Star Wars Galaxy.

Tune- Tap into the signals from satellite dishes and antenna arrays, giving you the inside information on character’s conversations and activities throughout Galaxy’s Edge.

Using these features also unlocks other fun activities within the land, including, “Outpost Control”, which is an interactive game that occurs several times throughout the day. The First Order has cleverly installed surveillance devices in the door panels to spy on the Resistance. Meanwhile, the Resistance seeks to destroy them.

Play Disney Parks App
Star Wars: GalaxyÕs Edge is the first land within a Disney park designed to integrate with the Play Disney Parks mobile app, which debuted last year. Guests who choose to use the Play Disney Parks app in Star Wars: GalaxyÕs Edge at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, will be able to transform it into their very own Star Wars: Datapad. The app provides new opportunities for guests to engage with the land. (Richard Harbaugh/Disney Parks)

Guests will get the chance to support either side by hacking the panels for either the Resistance or the First Order. The game comes to an end when one side successfully hacks the majority of the available panels.

Meanwhile, guests may also join the ranks of pirate, Hondo Ohnaka while waiting to board the Falcon in Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. Through the use of certain functions, guests will be able to keep themselves occupied and prove their worth to pilot the famous freighter.

There will be plenty of other amazing features, including the ability to perform certain functions that will trigger physical effects within the land. It’s all part of the larger goal of creating a fully immersive experience that brings you right into the world of Star Wars. How your journey plays out is up to you, so choose wisely when you make your journey to Batuu!

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