DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Season 2 Blu-ray Review

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Last year, the CW introduced their third show in their ever expanding Arrowverse, Legends of Tomorrow. The show took many of the popular supporting characters from both Arrow and Flash, including The Atom, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Sarah Lance, and Firestorm, bringing them together into one show. Led by Captain Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), the new group of heroes and villains must band together as they travel through time, trying to fix anomalies in the timelines that threaten to destroy our existence. Through the show’s first season, the cast was always fun, but the show had a hard time landing its footing, giving us a fun, but at times disjointed first season.

Thankfully, Legends of Tomorrow season 2 is not only a step up from the first season in almost every regard, but it quickly became the best show in the ever expanding Arrowverse. What the show’s creators Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg did so well with season was shake up the status quo they’d set up in the first season. Rip Hunter is gone, leaving the team a bit broken, but finding their true purpose without him. With the addition of two new members, it gave the new season new life.

It’s not just the status quo shake up that makes this second season of Legends of Tomorrow so fun though. No, the best thing about this season is that the Legends are going up against a group of really fun, likable villains, and they’re all characters we’ve known from the other shows! Malcolm Merlin, Damian Darhk, and Reverse Flash come together as the Legion of Doom, who are continually a thorn in the side of the Legends. You can’t help but love every time the Legion is together on screen, because their presence is just so much fun. John Barrowman, Neal McDonough, and
Matt Letscher have amazing chemistry, and you can tell they’re having a blast working together, throwing witty one liners and jabs at each other at every turn. The Legion gives the show a great villain, and a much needed shot of adrenaline that makes this the strongest season of Legends of Tomorrow yet.

The new blu-ray collection of the complete second season of Legends of Tomorrow does the show justice as well. The set features has all 17 episodes of the series’ run, as well as a handful of bonus features. Though, there is one odd thing that should be mentioned. Every year, the CW does a crossover event across all the Arrowverse shows, and this season set doesn’t feature all the episodes from the Invasion event. So if you aren’t caught up with Supergirl, The Flash, or Arrow, the crossover episode is going to feel very jarring for the viewer. Especially considering that this was the final episode in the four part crossover. It’s a weird choice that doesn’t make a lot of sense, and something that should be rectified on season sets moving forward.

The Legends of Tomorrow blu-ray features four special features, which are light, but will give fans a good eye into the series. They include:

  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: 2016 Comic-Con Panel
  • Allied: The Invasion Complex (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag-Reel

The best feature on the set is easily the Comic-Con 2016 panel, which has the cast and crew previewing the new season, as well as generally having a good time on stage with each other. It’s a fun addition to the set that will leave fans happy. Also, the gag reel is something fans will definitely want to check out, because this cast is has so much fun on set, so the hilarity that comes from that when people mess up on set is hilarious to watch unravel. There’s also a handful of deleted scenes that are great for those who want to get a little more from the series, but none of them are truly noteworthy.

Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Second season is probably the best Arrowverse show on the CW right now, and the new blu-ray release is great for fans and collectors. The Invasion quibble aside, this set is definitely worth a pick up. If you’re a fan of time travel, or superheroes, this is definitely going to be up your ally. Recommended.

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