A Sweet Return for the Disney Candy Canes

Disney Candy Cane

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Kicking off at Candy Palace in Disneyland earlier this week, the ever popular and world famous Disneyland candy canes have returned for a limited run. First enjoyed by park guests in 1968, the sweet treats have been a core staple of the holidays at the Disneyland Resort, each bringing a plethora of festive joy to all who receive them.

Candy Cane DCA

Once described as “infamous” by the Disney Parks Blog, these delectable goodies are made each morning in limited quantities and are a guaranteed sell out for each batch. Part of the reason for the craze is the process of crafting each candy cane.

Cast members preparing candy canes
You can take a look at the candy making process from the windows of both Candy Palace in Disneyland and Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure

Every candy cane sold in Disneyland is hand-crafted during the holiday season from large batches made in house and then meticulously hand-pulled, rolled, and twisted into the classic candy cane shape.

Candy cane rolling
Each candy cane is rolled, cut, and shaped with magical care in house!

Candy cane weighEach candy cane is 18 inches long and individually wrapped with a special holiday message from Mickey himself!

Candy Cane Mickey
Each candy cane is protected by a special bubble wrap, which includes a holiday greeting from the one and only, Mickey Mouse!

You can get a closer look at the process below in our video, which previews the entire process that goes into each candy cane, including the final presentation.

Guests can take their chance at getting one of these precious candy canes by using Disney’s mobile waitlist. Considering the very limited quantities, it’s recommended to arrive at the park just prior to park open, as this waitlist will close fast and not guarantee a candy cane even if one can be added to the waitlist.

Candy Cane

In order to be added to the waitlist, guests can visit the designated location for that day, providing their name and phone number to the available Cast Member. Once on the waitlist, each guest will receive a text message to confirm enrollment on the list and if they’re lucky, receive a return text, which will provide a 30 minute window to return to purchase a candy cane.

Candy Cane Look

The full schedule can be found below for this year’s candy cane distribution! Park entry will be required for each guest, along with the applicable park reservation to purchase a candy cane.

Disneyland Park- Candy Palace: Dec 3rd, 5th, 10th, 12th, 17th, 19th, and 24th

Cast w/ candy cane

Disney California Adventure Park: Dec 4th, 6th, 11th, 13th, 18th, 20th, and 25th

Candy Canes are priced at $21.99 each (plus tax) and are not eligible for discount or mobile order offerings. For those interested in other holiday treats, such as the holiday classic, Mickey Gingerbread cookie, make sure to check out our full foodie guide as we enter the heart of the holidays here at the Disneyland Resort!

Mickey Gingerbread
The ever popular, Mickey Gingerbread!


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