Disneyland Celebrates Candlelight 2023

Brie Larson at Candlelight 2023

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One of Disneyland’s oldest and grandest traditions has once again graced the steps of Main Street USA with the return of the Candlelight Procession. The yearly holiday ceremony took place this past weekend, featuring four performances over two nights; each bringing tears of joy to the thousands of guests who had the opportunity to participate across the Disneyland Resort.

The procession’s origins date back to the earliest days of Disneyland, first taking place in 1958 as a way for Walt Disney to give back to the Orange County community and provide thanks for all those who helped create a home for his original magic kingdom.


Candlelight 2023

Candlelight has since grown into one of Disney Parks most elaborate spectacles, showcasing a multitude of talent and preparation that has become world renowned. The ceremony also takes place at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

The Candlelight Procession features an ensemble of hundreds of choir members, each representing various community choirs and organizations, including Disneyland Resort Cast Members. The choir is also accompanied by a live orchestra, solo performers, as well as a celebrity guest narrator who leads the ceremony each year.

Candlelight Choir

Candlelight performance

Candlelight’s honorary narrator for this year was The Marvels’ star, Brie Larson, who is part of a long long of dignified guests that include Disney Legend, Dick Van Dyke, Actress Viola Davis, as well as fellow Marvel Studios star Chris Hemsworth.

Brie Larson Candlelight 2023

Larson, who is no stranger to the Disneyland Resort, took to the Candlelight podium with style and grace, giving a warm and heartfelt performance. At one point during the end of the evening, Larson held back tears, moved herself by the ceremony and the rest of her fellow performers, giving all of us something to cherish for holidays to come!

“It’s just been an absolute honor”, Larson exclaimed. “You make me cry every time, so thank you for that!” Make sure not to miss your chance to experience Candlelight for yourself when it returns to the Disneyland Resort for the 2024 Holiday season!


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