Disney Infinity Unveils new Toy Box trailers

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Disney Interactive has unveiled an in-depth look into the game creation possibilities and unexpected pairings in Disney Infinity with an all new set of screenshots and two new gameplay trailers featuring the Toy Box mode.

Within the Game Creation trailer, you’ll get a chance to see the types of worlds players can create, even those reminiscent of some of the most recognizable games of all time. Players can also create sports-themed games such as boxing matches, football games and street races. The Unexpected Pairings trailer showcases the wacky scenarios that are possible within the Toy Box mode, like what happens when Buzz Lightyear and his alien friends encounter Davy Jones on an island? Or what happens when Woody and the Lone Ranger go head to head in a goo blaster showdown?

Toy Box Game Creation trailer

Toy Box Unexpected Pairings trailer