Disney Interactive Unveils Disney Infinity: Toy Box App for iPad

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Disney Interactive today announced the availability of the Disney Infinity: Toy Box app for iPad, which gives players a fully playable version of the unique Toy Box mode from Disney Infinity. The app offers high-quality graphics and gameplay for tablet players, as well as unprecedented connectivity to Disney Infinity’s console gaming experience.


With Disney Infinity: Toy Box, players can build and edit new Toy Boxes on their iPad. Players also have the ability to transfer any Toy Box they create between their iPad and console versions, allowing them to continue right where they left off, from any connected platform. When players sync their iPad Toy Box to their console game, they will be given instant access to even more props, toys and themes.


With Disney Infinity: Toy Box, players begin with Mr. Incredible as a free playable character, and have the option to unlock any of the additional characters available now through web codes included with figures at retail, or through in-app purchases.

Features of Disney Infinity: Toy Box include:
• Intuitive multi-touch controls for building and playing.
• More than 60 free items to build Toy Boxes – including terrain, track pieces and decorations.
• The ability to transfer Toy Boxes cross-platform for further editing/play.
• Items unlocked in a player’s console Toy Box will become immediately available in the app.
• App is a full standalone experience and offers even more gameplay possibilities when connected to the console version.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box is available on iPad 2, 3, 4 and iPad Mini in the App Store for free until October 5 at http://bit.ly/18qYBEW.

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