Sesame Street and Hide&Seek Create a Game for Any Situation with New App

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seasime1From the producers behind Sesame Street and game developer Hide&Seek comes Sesame Street Family Play, a brand new app (free until Sept. 22nd!) and clever family resource that gives you and your children a game to play in any situation. Just tell the app where you are and how many people are playing. With over 150 games, tagged by character, curriculum, location, and mood, Sesame Street Family Play will serve up the perfect game for your situation and location.

Step through the easy-to-follow rules, and you’ll be playing games together wherever you are! Like “Sock Skee Ball,” where you throw rolled up socks into circles made of belts, and “Bathesketball,” a game for the tub involving washcloths and a bowl. Another game, “SuperLetterMarket,” suggests that you shop alphabetically. In “Sleepy Handshakes,” players put on airplane sleep masks and then try to shake hands. Sesame Street Family Play customizes games at home, away from home and while traveling. It also gives parents access to Sesame Street celebrity content, recipes, parenting tips, show information and more.

“Sesame Street Family Play is a great way to explore intergenerational play, using ever-present mobile devices as a touch point for interacting in real life, and building togetherness around games,” said Scott Chambers, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Media Distribution, Sesame Workshop. “The app is designed to encourage everyday playful moments, wherever you are. The games encompass all aspects of child development, such as self-regulation and executive function skills, problem solving and critical thinking, and imagination and creativity.”

“Hide&Seek first launched its Tiny Game project as hundreds of individual, location-specific games physically installed across the city of London,” said Alex Fleetwood, Founder and Director, Hide&Seek. “When we saw the joy that playing brought to passers-by, we became convinced that a digital version should be the next step. Thanks to the generosity of our Kickstarter backers, and with the support of Sesame Workshop, this app lets families tap into the power of play wherever they are and whatever they’re up to.”

Sesame Street Family Play is available at: