Disney Magical Dice Mobile Game Now Available!

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New casual board game from Netmarble features Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Buzz Lightyear and more Disney and Pixar characters and themes

Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company in Asia, announced that Disney Magical Dice is now available in the U.S. Mickey and his friends invite fans of Disney characters and board games to the wonderful world of Disney and Pixar. Fans can play as their favorite Disney characters and travel through a virtual board game, encountering different maps and acquiring and building structures, as well as Disney-themed landmarks, while playing with or against their friends.

With Disney Magical Dice’s easy dice control system, players can use fun strategy methods to win a variety of games. Complete with fast and accessible contents, Disney-themed scenarios, and exciting PvE and PvP modes, this friendly game is sure to be a fan favorite. Friend invites can be made simply through Facebook or over the Bluetooth network, making it easy to send invites and play with friends and family in real-time.

Additional features in Disney Magical Dice, include:
· PvE Game Mode. Players can participate via the PvE stage-based practice mode that mixes a simple storyline with Disney characters. A tutorial introduces game rules, allowing players to adapt to the gameplay in an easy and engaging manner. Fans can play against various Disney characters in the different stages and earn their costume cards as rewards.

· Ready, Set, Play. In the PvP game mode players are matched up in real-time competition and can play with family and friends. Various modes include Free-For-All and Team Mode (2v2), and feature three different classes (Rookie, Minor, Major) for players to choose from depending on their experience with the game.

· Card Collection & Card Power-Up. Disney Magical Dice invites you to expand your collection of Disney character costume cards while naturally learning about how to strengthen your cards through Power-Up and Fusion.

· Disney IP Usage. Various Disney elements familiar to players provide an engaging and charming gameplay experience.

· Player Strategy. Quality dice and card stats are most influential in helping players win Disney Magical Dice. There are different stats for each dice and some dice stats are added to your card stats. Extra help comes in the form of magic beans. Players can collect magic bean through various in-game rewards and expert league victories.

· Competition via Rankings. Trigger the competitive nature of players through international and friend leaderboards. Various rewards are awarded in short intervals for the different ranks that players achieve.

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