Disney Villains Designer Collection Spotlight: Mother Gothel

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Mother Gothel
Mother knows best, and Mother Gothel definitely knows best when it comes to fashion. She may be clothed in a dark cloak throughout Tangled, but our re-imagining of her style for the Disney Villains Designer Collection reveals her wicked beauty. Her regal burgundy dress is made of real satin, and features a golden fringe and embroidery on the back. Mother Gothel’s hair is in a theatrical up-do so glamorous that it might even outshine Rapunzel’s glowing locks. We hope she finds her way out of her tower in the forest and onto a runway ASAP.

The Disney Villains Designer Collection Mother Gothel doll will be released in select Disney Stores (for more information click here) on October 8, and online at Disney Store.com on October 9.

The Disney Villains Designer Collection Mother Gothel is all set to hit the runway,  all she needs to do is master the smolder. Maybe Flynn Rider can teach her? Skip the drama, stay with Mama, and check out all the other pieces featuring Mother Gothel in the Disney Villains Designer Collection at DisneyStore.com!

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