Disney Villains Designer Collection Spotlight: Cruella De Vil

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The perfectly wretched Cruella De Vil’s fashion was one of the centerpieces of 1961’s 101 Dalmatians, so she fits like a red satin glove into the Disney Villains Designer Collection. From her luxe fur coat, to her sequin halter dress, to her signature hair style, the Disney Villains Designer Collection Cruella De Vil doll captures the glamorous wickedness that Cruella is known for. In this fabulous ensemble, we think she’s dressed more appropriately for a red carpet than a puppy heist.

The Disney Villains Designer Collection Cruella De Vil doll will be released in select Disney Stores (for more information click here) on October 15, and online at Disney Store.com on October 16.

If seeing our glamorous Cruella De Vil doesn’t make you want to see more of the Disney Villains Designer collection, no evil thing will. Be sure to check out all of the pieces featuring her in the Disney Villains Designer Collection at DisneyStore.com!

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