Disneyland Celebrates 67 Years with the Return of the Red Car Trolley


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Oh Boy! The Happiest Place on Earth just turned 67 and Disneyland guests were surprised with magic, spectacle, and one-of-a-kind experiences that included the iconic return of a resort staple, the Red Car Trolley.

To start off the day, the Big Cheese himself, Mickey Mouse, hopped aboard the Red Car Trolley at Buena Vista Street and was the first to take the trolley around Disney California Adventure. All the way, Mickey greeted guests, danced, and stopped for photos to commemorate the return of the trolley. SocalThrills had the honor of being the very first to climb aboard to join in the fun afterwards, reliving the magic and sharing in the excitement of the trolley coasting down the streets of Hollywood Blvd.


Though the trolley was not running throughout the day, fans got plenty of opportunities to snap photos, climb aboard, and take part in the celebration. Here’s hoping that with the return of the trolley, Disney fans will once again get an opportunity to grab Buena Vista Street’s latest headlines with the Red Car News Boys!

The birthday festivities didn’t stop there, as Disneyland fans of all ages gathered to sing “Happy Birthday” to their favorite theme park alongside the Dapper Dans, The Disneyland Band, and the Fab Five! Now that we are just a few short years away from Disneyland’s milestone 70th anniversary, one can’t help but wonder what is in store for the future. Only time will tell, with plenty of amazing things yet to come.


For now, Happy Birthday Disneyland, may your imagination and magic never cease to amaze!

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