DVD Review: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Pop Star Minnie

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Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse presents Pop Star Minnie on DVD. In this delightful episode, Minnie Mouse has been invited to sing onstage. This is a dream come true! When her backup band loses their instruments, will her dream be put on hold?

This DVD is packed with three more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes and also includes a bonus episode. Mickey’s Clubhouse Rocks, Minnie and Daisy’s Flower Shower, Minnie’s Mouseke-Calendar, and Mickey’s Big Bad Concert provide over an hour of fun for your little one. You’ll soon find yourself singing along to the catchy songs and solving clues using Mouseketools.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Pop Star Minnie is now DVD! It includes the Pop Star Minnie episode plus 4 additional music themed episodes for over 2 hours of fun and comes with a FREE Inflatable Guitar so your kids can rock along with the Disney crew!

Overall, I rate this DVD 5 Mickey Hands.


Pop Star Minnie
Mickey’s Clubhouse Rocks
Minnie & Daisy’s Flower Shower
Minnie’s Mouseke-Calendar
Mickey’s Big Band Concert

Minnie’s Bow Toons
-Rooftop Repair
-Alarm Clocked Out

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