DVD Review: Sofia the First – The Curse of Princess Ivy

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SofiaTheFirstTheCurseOfPrincessIvyDVD copyIf you don’t already know who Sofia the First is, then it’s pretty likely that you’re either not a parent or a toddler.  However, if you are either of those things, there is no way that you aren’t already familiar with Disney Junior’s hit show about an ordinary girl, Sofia, who “became a princess overnight.”  With a magic amulet that grants her the power to both talk to animals, and summon classic Disney princesses (synergy!), Sofia is an entertaining delight to all children.

With colorful animation, catchy music, and easily digestible morals that don’t talk down to the audience, this is a great show for parents to share with their children.  Disney Junior has just released a new collection of four classic episodes on DVD, including the recent “The Curse of Princess Ivy.”  When Sofia’s sister Amber discovers the powers of Sofia’s amulet, she steals it for herself, inadvertently releasing the evil Princess Ivy.  With an army of butterflies wiping out all color from the castle, and the power to cause instant amnesia, it’s up to Sofia and Amber to fly to an island of dragons with the power to break Ivy’s curse.

While this might not be the most spectacular of their scripts, I can tell you that this quickly became my two-year-old’s favorite episode when Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) showed up.  It was a thrilling moment for her, getting to revisit one of her favorite princesses, and it’s moments like this that make these shows so special.

Clip: Dare to Risk it All

Other episodes include “The Amulet of Avalor,” “Princess Butterfly,” and “The Emerald Key.”  If you’re kids are into princesses at all, that 114 minutes of princess heaven.  It’s easy to see why these shows are so popular, capitalizing on the popularity of the princess genre.  However, the show isn’t just coasting on a pre-established fan base, but rather, strives, to tell well thought out stories that the kids will enjoy.

Clip: Princess Ivy

The voice work is also top notch, featuring a terrific lead performance from Modern Family’s Ariel Winter.  Other well known talent includes Tim Gunn, Wayne Brady, and more.   Nobody involved in this show is just phoning it in.  It’s nice to have a show to watch with the kids that doesn’t talk down to them, and is obviously a labor of love for all involved.  This set is highly recommended.