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Elastagirl Steals the Show in ‘Incredibles 2’ Olympics Preview

The Incredibles are back and going for gold in Disney’s latest trailer which debuted during Winter Olympics coverage. This is the first real trailer and review from Disney since the film’s announced release and the focus is on Helen Parr, who’s super hero persona is the sassy, overly flexible, Elastagirl.

Mr Incredible, Bob Parr, is left with parenting duty while his wife is recruited to bring back the world of supers to the spotlight. Rather than jumping back into action with his wife, Bob is left with math, stress, and keeping his infant from going nuclear.

Over 14 years have passed since we last saw this super charged family and now we are all left to wonder how much has changed since the plot of the film will pick up immediately after the climax of the original 2004 film.

What is clear is that the Incredible family will have their work cut out for them in an epic balancing act between fighting crime and having a stable home life. More reveals and questions will most likely form as we get closer to the release date, in classic Disney fashion.

Similar to Solo: A Star Wars Story as well as Avengers: Infinity War, Disney is beginning to strategically place their preview slate in the mix during sporting events, which draws in a larger number of diverse viewers. It’s a great marketing strategy, but also a very obvious one. Other studios are also taking the same page from their playbook, as we saw in this past Super Bowl slate.

Special teaser posters were also released, which you can see below!

The Incredibles 2 is set to release on June 15th. You can learn more about the upcoming film on the official site:

Maverick Bohn
Maverick Bohn
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