Go For the Gold with Five New Disney Infinity “Winter Sports Challenge” Toy Boxes

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Disney Interactive has released five new Disney Infinity “Winter Sports Challenge” Toy Boxes to coincide with the start of the world’s biggest sporting event of the year. The new Toy Boxes allow players to enjoy their own versions of the winter games, which were masterfully created by members of the Disney Infinity community. Fans used the Frozen power discs to transform their Toy Box environments into snowy terrains, ideal for bobsledding, ice skating, snowboarding, ice hockey and more.

Winning “Winter Sports Challenge” submissions include:
· Disney Games – Compete for the gold in Sled Races, Snowball Fights, Ice Hockey, Curling, Alpine Skiing, Ski Jumping and Biathlon!

· Sochi Slaloms – Grab a board and hit the slopes. Try the beginner, intermediate or advanced course!

· Disney On Ice – Make the best time snowboarding (minimum 10 checkpoints to the finish) and ice skating!

· Extreme Racing- Race around this frosty winter stunt racetrack.

· Winter Resort- Compete in awesome winter sports. When you’re done, pay a visit to the winter resort!

Here are some screenshots from the Toy Boxes: