Google Honors Fred Rogers on 51st Anniversary of Mister Rogers Neighborhood

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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, as this week marks the 51st anniversary of the beloved program, Mister Rogers Neighborhood. To celebrate, Google commemorated the event with a special stop motion video doodle tribute, which can be seen below.

Fred Rogers, the show’s host and creator, began the series on September 21st, 1967 at station WQED in Pittsburgh. From there, the show’s unique flair went on to charm millions of children nationwide, becoming a Public Television staple for over 30 years. Throughout the shows legendary 912 episode run, the simple messages of friendship, love, and courage remained a constant, bringing children closer to what it means to be themselves in their own special way.

A quick behind the scenes look at bringing the Mister Rogers doodle to life! Image by Google.
A quick behind the scenes look at bringing the Mister Rogers doodle to life! Image by Google.

The doodle was completed in collaboration with Google,  Fred Rogers Productions, The Fred Rogers Center, and BixPix Entertainment. Hedda Sharapan, Child Development Consultant at Fred Rogers production commented on the project and the importance of Fred Rogers’ message. “Set to the iconic opening song of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor’), the Doodle aims to be a reminder of the nurturing, caring, and whimsy that made the show feel like a ‘television visit’ between Mister Rogers and his young viewers. Everyone was welcome in this Neighborhood. Through his honest words, thoughtful songs, and imaginative Neighborhood of Make-Believe stories, Mister Rogers took us by the hand, helping us feel good about who we are. He encouraged us to find positive ways to deal with our feelings, to treat others with respect and kindness, and to appreciate the world around us.”

The doodle encompasses the cheerful and loving atmosphere in a way that would make Mister Rogers proud. You can see a complete behind the scenes look and learn more about the creative minds behind the Google Doodle by clicking here!

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