Indiana Jones Adventure

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Hello my friends, we celebrate your arrival and are pleased to welcome you back to the mysterious Temple of the Forbidden Eye, once again challenging you to step inside its perilous depths, eager to take you closer and closer to a path that will lead you to the gates of doom! Will you risk locking eyes with the powerful Mara in hopes of finding fortune and glory?

Indiana Jones Adventure has made its triumphant return to the Disneyland Resort after a very much-needed refurbishment, and after getting a chance to venture into the Chamber of Destiny (Not to mention making it out alive), we are pleased to inform all of our fellow adventurers that the wait was well worth it. The Temple has never looked better, bringing back to life long since diminished effects and shows elements that have made this attraction a Disneyland staple since it debuted in 1995. The timing couldn’t be better, with the upcoming release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny this summer!

Indiana Jones Truck
The truck as seen from the iconic Desert Chase Scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark

No detail was left untouched, as Imagineers brought in updated projection elements, brand new scenes, as well as updated lighting and queue pieces that are sure to stand out. It all starts right at the beginning of the entry, with guests being greeted by a freshly painted and re-weathered truck. This iconic set piece from Raiders of the Lost Ark was at one point destined to leave Disneyland forever, and thanks to a change of heart, is still parked proudly for all to see.

Indiana Jones queue

As guests enter the temple, they will find brighter passageways for safe journeys through to find Sallah, along with working queue effects, such as the fan-favorite lever in the spike room. But, the real fun comes when you drive off towards Mara, as fans will experience updated visuals and new projection mapping, enhancing and fully encapsulating the adventure in a truly stunning fashion.

Indiana Jones

Adventurers will also be greeted by a brand new scene, taking place of the original gross-out scene featuring mice. We are sure Henry Jones Sr. will greatly appreciate this change, along with guests new and old, eager to return and rescue Indiana Jones himself.

The famed archeologist will once again greet you as you come face to face with the perilous boulder scene, working and fully functioning with plenty of rumble and suspense. It is unlike anything else you’ve experienced, we assure you!

Indiana Jones queue

One final word of advice, make sure to keep an eye on the wait time for anyone who may be braving the standby line, as the wait times during these upcoming peak days at the resort can be dangerous, very dangerous. We are already envious of the wonders that await you if you avoid the eyes of Mara that is!