Mickey’s PhilharMagic Now Open at Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure’s Sunset Showcase Theater has rolled out the red carpet for their new show, Mickey’s PhilharMagic. Coming to the Disneyland Resort for the first time ever, the Walt Disney World favorite is now playing daily for guests of all ages!

For those who haven’t experienced it, the show features Mickey Mouse as he prepares for a magical night of symphonic melodies in a special concert with the help of a very familiar enchanted hat. Just when the show is about to begin, Donald Duck bursts in, taking the audience on an unforgettable journey across the world of classic Disney moments that feature Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and so much more!

The show includes a fully interactive experience that features 3D animation, special effects, and immersive sensations. Inspired by Walt Disney’s concept for Fantasia, it’s a spectacular fun filled event that the whole family can appreciate. Whether it’s your first time seeing the show or you have memorized it by heart, Mickey’s PhilharMagic brings the best of Mickey and Disney animation front and center.

It’s all part of Mickey and Minnie’s “Get Your Ears On” Celebration. Don’t miss your chance to join the party, as the limited time event comes to a triumphant close in May!

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