Cirque du Soleil on Tour with “Amaluna”

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Prepare yourself for a Cirque du Soleil experience like no other with their new traveling show, Amaluna. The big top performance will bring you ever closer to the spectacle, taking you on a journey of everlasting courage and bravery through mesmerizing feats of strength.

Loosely based and inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Amaluna tells the story of an island of goddesses that is uncovered by a group of weary travelers washed by up a terrible storm. As time passes, love blooms between the native princess and one of the young men. Though love comes at a price, as their connection is tested throughout with themes of femininity, renewal, rebirth, and balance.

With the clever use of a revolving stage, every seat offers a clear view of the awe-inspiring performance. Every moment is filled with stunning visuals, bringing the story to life in a way that only Cirque du Soleil can.

The performance opens and closes with a mesmerizing silk-like ribbon that floats mid-air on stage with the use of multiple fans installed in the stage.  The tranquility is met with a pair of uni-cyclists that blends seemingly comparable to a figure skating duet.  A storm rages on with aerial strap artists that fill the upper half of the big top.  The princess’s nanny makes a humorous love connection with one of the sailors throughout the show.  A needed shift in tone to break the intensity between the series of death-dying acts.

Navigating thru a forest of pole dancers, the princess is found expressing her physicality in and around a water bowl that is used numerous of times with other acts.  Her strength is shown with balancing feats of whimsy and her serenity by effortlessly flowing thru the water bowl.  The island’s warriors demonstrate their tenacity with a series of interchanging uneven bars.

After the brief intermission, the hits just keep on coming.  The shipwrecked sailors propel themselves on the teeter board escaping capture.  Palm fronds of various lengths are balanced on one another in an act everyone will want to hold in their breath.  Tipping over the smallest stick sent a chain reaction that demonstrated the delicate balance of any relationship.  This patient act single-handily brought the audience to their feet.

A single row of performers gets a surreal bonus with the use of the rotating stage that helps the audience grasp the illusion of a thousand arm dancer.  The love struck sailor utilizes a long pole in a bid to win the princess’ affections.  In a visually appealing gesture, the princess’ pet lizard quite literally peals a layer “skin” off his arms before engaging the audience with his juggling skills atop the water bowl set piece.

In the final act, a group of acrobatics ends with evening with a high note.  A delicate mix of gymnastics and ballet that crescendos with a woman atop of three men on standing on top of one another.  There was even a moment of what can only be described as a four-person handstand (three men on the stage floor and one woman on top).  It’s safe to say that every performer on stage brought the audience up in a wave of standing ovations.

It must also be noted that the individual members of the live band were notably brought away from confinement in an area off or slightly on stage.  At various points in the show, they were right there on the same stage and steps as those of the acrobats.  A very much appreciated acknowledgment of their skills and equally valuable members of the show not shown to be cast out of audience view.

Amaluna is visual and audio wonder not be missed for any fan of the Cirque du Soleli brand.  It will leave you with piecing together the themes and symbolism of each act that brings together a sense of awe. Make sure to book your tickets and see the show, now playing at the La Waterfront until May 26th.