New Collection of Sophisticated Children’s Graphic T-Shirts Features Walt Disney Quotes

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Peek, Aren’t You Curious, Inc. drew inspiration from the wisdom of Walt Disney and beloved classic Disney characters to create the first Disney collection from Peek. Available now, this high quality, sophisticated and inspirational collection of graphic t-shirts for girls, boys and baby, sizes 0-14, feature classic 1928-1930 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse designs, and inspirational quotes from Walt Disney.

Disney and Peek share many characteristics that are evident throughout the collection. Both brands focus on sophistication, nostalgia and wit and deliver engaging product experiences enjoyed by adults and kids. Peek, a premium children’s clothing designer and manufacturer, known for creating educational graphic tees highlighting scientists, inventors and historical figures, extend the rich storytelling tradition that is at the foundation of Disney, through the creation of the Disney collection from Peek.

We attend a special launch event in Santa Monica to see the new T-Shirts and had a chance to meet the Designer and CEO of this new vintage line of clothing.

Tina Canales, CEO started Peek in hopes to create a place that could provide clothes that had sophistication and quality. When her kids were young, Canales, could not find kids’ clothing that was not too precious for everyday wear or that was well constructed with quality fabrics. Inspired by this and the way her three daughters live, learn and interact with their peers while drawing from careers of over 30 years in fashion and retail, Canales and two associates started Peek Kids in San Francisco in 2006.

“We never speak down to kids in anything we do.” said Canales at a recent Peek Kids event.

Canales was excited and honored to work with Disney. “We were given access to the Disney Archives to see all that rare artwork to help us in designing these precious t-shirts” added Canales. She continued by saying that Disney was welcoming and supportive of the new designs.

Check-out our extensive Photo Gallery of the collection below and some of the items in the Santa Monica store. And make sure to visit Peek to see the new Disney inspired t-shirts. You’re kids will want to wear them over and over again.

These t-shirts are perfect for Summertime fun and they are the perfect Holiday gift for that special Disney fan in your life. Disney quotes are inspiring and motivational.

The Disney collection from Peek include the following classic tees:

Minnie Mouse Short-Sleeve Tee: A short-sleeve ringer t-shirt in red heather featuring the vintage full-color 1928 Minnie Mouse design on the front and a Minnie Mouse silhouette on the back together with “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” quote from Walt Disney. Priced at $34 for girls and $28 for baby girl.

Minnie Mouse Long-Sleeve Tee: A long-sleeve heather gray heavy-weight cotton t-shirt with a classic Walt Disney quote on the front, “Believe in the future, the world is getting better, there is still plenty of opportunity” and vintage water-based red silhouette of Minnie Mouse on the back. A white felt patch, inspired by the iconic Mickey Mouse ears hats from the Mickey Mouse Club of the 1950’s, is of a 1928 Minnie Mouse silhouette with red stitching on the sleeve. Priced at $42 for girls and $38 for baby girl.

Mickey Mouse Short-Sleeve Tee: A blue heather short-sleeve ringer t-shirt featuring the simple, yet powerful Walt Disney quote, “Whatever you do, do it well” on the front and a navy blue, water-base soft graphic silhouette of classic 1928 Mickey Mouse on the back. Priced at $24 for boys and $28 for baby boys.

Mickey Mouse Long-Sleeve Tee: A heavy-weight heather gray t-shirt, with raglan baseball-jersey-style long black sleeves, features a line-drawing of classic Mickey Mouse on the front. The quote, “When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do,” by Walt Disney is on the back in black, white and red block text. A red felt patch of a 1928 Mickey Mouse silhouette on the sleeve, sewn with red and white stitching, highlights the design. The “1928” used on the patch honors the year Mickey and Minnie appeared in “Steamboat Willie,” the short film directed by Walt Disney, often considered the debut of Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie Mouse. Priced at $42 for boys and $38 for baby boy.