NEW Funko Bitty Pop! Star Wars and DC Collections debuts!


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In March at Wondercon from the mainstage of the Anaheim convention center, Funko hosted a Funatic-filled event with announcements for those Funko fans attending along with giveaways. Some of those attendees received some new releases early, just as they were announced from the stage, which now has become available to order! Amongst those which were announced at the show and are now available is a new wave of Bitty Pop! collectibles. 

“Funko’s new line of miniature Star Wars and DC Bitty Pop! collectibles is now available online. Featuring the signature Funko Pop! stylization in a micro-sized collectible form, each package (MSRP: $15) includes three default figures and one mystery figure in an acrylic display”


These exciting new collectibles which join some of other highly collectible lines, are most familiar to their original precursor the Funko Pop!, which is obvious in the name alone. The bitty name truly is a part of collectibility here, these are not only smaller versions of a Pop!, (which means there is room for them in your collection) beyond them being like the Pop! you may already have in your own collection, and they do seem awfully familiar, there is a particular charm to collecting these. 


The charm in collecting these is found in the range of releases. The DC line alone comes with a range of some of your favorite Batman franchises, from “Batman the Animated Series” to “Batman 66”, to other favorite DC properties. The other line premiering with this second wave is the Star Wars Bitty Pop! line of collectibles.

This line features some of your favorite Original Trilogy Characters! All releases come in four a pack with one mystery one in the pack. You can get just about any character with whatever pack you may purchase. This makes for more collectibility and that Funko brand of Fun! These packs retail for $15 and are now available for order. 

Which line are you going to bring home to your collection? Is the Funatic in you ready for more new announcements? Stay tuned for more new announcements and reviews from Funko!

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