Sabrina Carpenter In An Exclusive Performance at Walt Disney Studios

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Sabrina Carpenter gave an exclusive performance at the Walt Disney Studios this week and I was privileged to be there. Entertaining a large group of select media and WD Studio members with songs from her debut EP “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying, Sabrina along with her sister, Sarah Carpenter and the band, performed several songs including Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying, White Flag and my favorite, The Middle of Starting Over.

Sabrina took a few moments to chat with me after her performance and shared that she is very excited about the upcoming opportunities. “Everyday there’s something new”. Her songs on the EP, are a reflection of who she is at this stage and she is happy that people will see what she is capable of accomplishing. She mentioned including the factor of love into her songs is something she really wanted to incorporate into her music. “Although some will say I am too young”, at the age of 14, to feel or be able to know love, but she disagrees.

I asked what her goals were for the future, now that her music and acting career has taken off. Sabrina shared, that for the moment she will “enjoy the opportunities to work with my friends” and continue to work on finding her sound, which she recognizes will change as she herself changes over time. Her maturity and confidence was apparent during several one on one interviews, before mine, but as with any young person, she was truthful in sharing how nervous and excited she was performing in front of our group.

This incredibly sweet and very talented young lady is destined for greatness. Sabrina co-stars as the rebellious “Maya Hart” in the Disney Channel’s new series “Girl Meets World” Playing the best friend to lead character Rowan Blanchard who portraits Riley Matthews.