Video Game World Famous Pranksters Redefine Couch Surfing in Ouch! Couch

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Twistory Entertainment Studios has teamed up with Social Media stars The Janoskians for an exciting new video game. The enormously popular comedy/prankster troupe from Australia has over 200 million views on YouTube and over 16 million followers across their social media.

Their personal appearances draw so many fans they’ve been known to shut down huge venues including the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, Times Square in NYC and Hyde Park in London, all of which had to be evacuated because of the overwhelming mob of Janoskians fans.

What sets The Janoskians apart from any other online star is that they are successfully growing into other areas offline. They sold out a worldwide Live Nation tour last year, have a major record deal with Universal Republic, a clothing brand called “Dirty Pig” and now, a video game.

The new Janoskians game Ouch! Couch brings world famous entertainers Jai, James, Beau, Daniel and Luke to the touch screen with a gaming experience not seen since the days of the arcades. Redefining what it means to couch surf, the boys cruise the streets in their custom designed sofas and davenports, picking up countless numbers of their avid fans. It’s not all cupcakes and screaming girls though, as the boys must launch their couch into the air to avoid an assortment of different obstacles including: Fire Breathing Crocodiles, Flying Pigs, Dancing Robots and Penguin Waiters! If you crash it’s game over, but a new game session is only a couple clicks away.


Ouch! Couch features three unique couches to select, endless game play with an ever increasing level challenges, worldwide leader boards and the ability to share your high score over social media.

Beau says, “Since all of us are avid gamers we figured we should try to make one. We wanted to make something fun but simple. We’ve found that the simple idea is usually the one that works best. Twistory was able to understand who we are, and the game shows that. It’s a great partnership.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Janoskians for this exhilarating new game,” said Twistory’s founder Christopher “mink” Morrison. “The Janoskians and their zany antics are all about youth, energy, laughter and most of all, fun. We couldn’t be happier to have them as part of our Twistory family.”

Ouch! Couch is available at the iTunes App Store as well as on Google Play and Amazon.