Six Flags Magic Mountain Breaks in Spooky Spring Vibes

Six Flags

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Been missing the Halloween scare season or have ever been curious about undertaking a haunt event but too afraid to do so before? Six Flags Magic Mountain has you under the covers with Scream Break. This after-regular park hours haunt event occurs every Friday and Saturday night during the peak of the Spring Break season from March 22 until April 13, 2024. With an iconic tiki skull logo, “get a dose of vitamin scream” after the sun sets and the party music rises to a full vibing volume. The halfway-to-Halloween event cranks up the fun that sets it apart from other springtime theme park offerings by mixing in a dose of the park’s Fright Fest to seal the deal.

Three scare zones, two haunted houses, and several roller coasters in the dark between 9 pm-midnight offer up a slew of monster entertainment to satisfy both a spooky craving and a dance party atmosphere. Imagine Spooky Island from the 2002 live-action “Scooby-Doo” film coming to life.

Demon’s Row is the first scare zone to be encountered. The term scare zone is used pretty loosely during Scream Break compared to expectations during a regular haunt season. Serving up alcoholic beverages and blood bags, Haunted Happy Hour occurs 7:30pm – 9pm as the rest of the transitions from closing to regular park guests and setting up half the park to the evening festivities. Ghouls Gone Wild DJ spins tunes and undead college students rise from the grave to dance the night away with guests for an unreal spring break vacation. Play an oversized game of beer pong with severed heads. Demon’s Row is also the home to the first haunted house to be encountered. Condemned: House Party is resurrected from Six Flags Fright Fest during the occasion. A Christmas lit, decrepit fraternity house is overrun by untidy college students that can’t or won’t stop partying despite being undead. Party guests are sure to have a good time with their excitable hosts.

It’s a quiet stroll approaching Bloodborne Hollow scare zone in the Whistlestop Park. Regal stilt walkers and chatty vampires lurk in alluring motion around the colorfully lit cul-de-sac of blues, purples, and pink lighting. Dimming jack-o-lanterns, hanging chandeliers, protruding gravestones, and parked hearse against a crippling tree make up the compact scare zone. Flickering candelabras and glowing seats would have also fit well here to attract more attention in this area.

Disco ball lit pathway leads to the Grave scare zone in front of DC Universe. It’s also incidentally where the Deadman’s Party DJ dance music is playing for demonic clowns.

The queue for the SAW themed attraction from Six Flags Fright Fest 2023 is a fraction from before while still located in the same place. Slight enhancements that most guests won’t notice were given to thematic lighting, atmospheric sound, set decor, and a couple more actors to fill rooms. The victims still play convincing roles while Jigsaw’s pig assistants still need work on menacing demeanor. The most notable change is displaying white arrows painted on black walls to guide guests in the correct path.


A live 10 minute slider show occurs at 11pm in the DC Universe area. Be sure to watch from the table seating side for the best view. The show itself is more choreographed and less of a competition amongst the performers.


Six Flags Scream Break is more about the spooky party vibes and less about making guests have nightmares. A worthy separation apart from regular expectations of Fright Fest. The crowds are low, characters are more personable, and the party atmosphere makes for a chill evening with friends or date night. With ride access to six roller coasters, we recommend at the start of the event to ride Full Throttle and Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage first.

Tickets are $40 for admission after 7:30 pm. Parking is a separate fee. However, season pass holders are admitted FREE upon online or in-park reservations and availability. Visit for more details.