Six Flags Magic Mountain Stirs Up Tasty Flavors

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Flavors of the World Food Festival at Six Flags Magic Mountain takes guests on an international culinary tour de flavor of tasty bites from around the world. Seven kiosks represent seven countries covered in colorful decor serving samples that represent their respective places of origin. Food and Beverage Passports will be your ticket to the fun. Guests may choose either eight or twelve sample cards. Passholders get the best deal by paying for a 12-sample card for the price of an 8-sample card! Just remember the event is on Saturdays and Sundays from March 23 to May 5 from 12 pm until 1 hour before park closing. With all that in mind, let’s dig in!

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Flavors of the World Food Festival covers the main pathway between Full Throttle roller coaster and Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom. Following this route, guests encounter food booths for Korea, China, India, Italy, Greece, Mexico, and the Carribean. Be sure to collect a button from each kiosk visit and add to your lanyard.

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Even with the afternoon start time, the booths were still setting up and not completely prepared with all ingredients. Also be aware of fresh training with the event’s early beginnings. First visit was Korea. The Gochujang Chicken Wings was drowning in spicy sauce. The edamame and corn of the Korean Quinoa Stir Fry offered a substandard taste considering the small portion. The refreshing Watermelon Lemonade had sweet and pulpy texture regardless of the inconsistency upon a second helping later in the day.

China had similar operations issues. Chicken with Yakisoba Noodles was as plain as you can get from unflavored Panda Express. Even with descent portions. Youtiao (Chinese Donuts) had a crispy shell and tasty dense core. But the caramel sauce was missing and one donut short compared to what was pictured. In fact, both China and Korea had missing ingredients that were described but not present.

Despite the underwhelming start, India had a dish that turned the event around. After the cold but good bowl serving of Rice Kheer, the warm Punjabi Samosa really kicked things into gear. Instead of one hand sized Samosa, there were small bite sizes of the crispy pastry to dip into the sweet and sour sauce.

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Italy was tucked inside the Whistlestop Park near Bugs Bunny World. Toasted Ravioli is certain to be a surefire hit with kids with toasted cheese palate and marinara sauce. The spumoni ice cream with creamy chocolate, pistachio, and cherry flavors was a delight in the California sun.

Greece sits across from the entrance of the Goliath roller coaster. Despite the ingredient ratio on Beef Gyro on Pita Bread being light on tomatoes and lettuce and heavy on patty meat and tzatziki sauce, the tasty dish was satisfying and worth the cost. Equally worthy was the sweet baklava. Cut in three separate bite-sizes, a delicious dessert easily shared.

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Mexico and the Carribean booths stood their ground on either side of the SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton steel shuttle roller coaster track. Mexico brought out a good helping of Chicken Tostada and delightful Street Corn on the Cob. Both festive dishes delivered serviceable on taste and portion.

The stuffed crispy pastry wins again. This time with the Carribean cuisine. The delectable Spinach and Cheese Empanada came in one hand-sized portion. The tiny and unsatisfying filling of the Cubano Cigar Spring Rolls left much to be desired. Enough desire to have chosen the Jamaican Jerk Chicken instead. Luckily the sweet taste of Pine Orange Punch washed the disappointment away and quenched my thirst for more Food Festival bites.

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But alas, we’re all out of available samples on the provided taste card. No worries, the food and beverage can either be purchased individually or with another 8 or 12 sample food card. Any way you slice it or dice it, Flavors of the World Food Festival at Six Flags Magic Mountain is a great additional entertaining alternative to the springtime fun at this local favorite amusement park. Be sure to fly in and drop by Saturdays and Sundays between March 23 to May 5 for the special limited time culinary adventure.