Star Wars Celebration Returns to Anaheim in 2020

Star Wars Celebration is coming back to Anaheim in 2020, with the big reveal coming during the very last moments of Star Wars Celebration Chicago’s closing ceremony.

Host, Warwick Davis, announced the news with the help of members from the audience in a recreation of the final escape from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Celebration’s official tweet can be seen below.

This will be Anaheim’s second time hosting the Star Wars event, shortly after the city’s first time hosting in 2015. Though the details around the convention are not yet known, as there is no planned theatrical release for 2020.

Fans can begin to speculate, as Star Wars Celebration is held primarily to honor a milestone or major film release. This year’s event focused on The Rise of Skywalker in addition to new details surrounding Disney+ exclusives coming later this year.

Catch all you missed from this year’s event by clicking here. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to Celebration Anaheim 2020!

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