Star Wars Launches Galaxy’s Edge Costumes for Cast Members

Fashion show. Photo Courtesy of Russell Tom

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge costumes have been revealed in a scandalous fashion show designed for cast members of the Disneyland Resort.  The exclusive event was held in Tomorrowland featuring a catwalk of cast members in the newly designed garments to be showcased in the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land set to debut this summer.

Unique costume features for the villagers of the Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu is the option for cast members to mix and match their own fashion!  This includes four tops and five bottoms to choose from.  If that’s not impressive enough, villagers can choose their accessories as well!  If you were curious about the shoes, boots, or spats, Star Wars has got you covered (pun intended).  The leg wrappings and boot tops are actually sewn into the pants and features an adjustable bungee cord around the calves to keep neatly fit.

A positive reaction to the mix-and-match style of costumes makes the reality of the villagers on the planet even more believable.  The cast members would not be totally regulated to a certain look.  There is a degree of creative freedom that is rarely bestowed for onstage cast members because of the fact that not all the inhabitants of the outpost would wear the exact same outfit.  Kudos to the costuming team on enhancing the storytelling.

The highlight for the special cast member exclusive event came in the form of a catwalk in a fashion show to display the look and movement of the costumes.

There was so much to take in during the evening’s festivities.  Surely there are more details in the costumes than has been revealed.  This certainly paints a bright future Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge upon its June 2019 opening.